Raiders Re-view Page Preview.

For the second year in a row, Bruin/Chief Jarrad Page snags a Game-Saving Interception against Al Davis’ Oakland trojans


Al Davis and Lane Kiffin must be having recurring nightmares about UCLA Defensive Backs.  The Owner of the Oakland Raiders and his new Head Coach are both former trojan football coaches, so they are still smarting from Eric McNeal’s spectacular effort that basically TOOK DOWN the mythical trojan empire.  And as if there was any chance that they could wipe that memory from their minds, it was cemented back in when Jarrad Page repeated History, in more ways than one. 

With the Raiders driving for a game-winning Field Goal against the Chiefs, Page picked off a Duante Culpepper pass, to give Kansas City a 12-10 victory.  That’s 22 total points, just like in the 13-9 game, where John David Booty disappointed trojan fans by throwing a last-minute INT to McNeal.

Increasing the double-Bruin-Whammy for Davis is the fact that Page did this exact same thing to the Raiders, and Davis’ previous hired gun Aaron Brooks, LAST year. And this year, Page added 4 solo tackles, including a huge play to stop Oakland when Kiffin gambled on a 4th and 1. 

Davis keeps trying to upgrade the Raiders from their recent Commitment to Excrement, but he does so usually by hiring trojans who weren’t able to catch on with anyone else.  He already gave up on another former trojan Coach Norv Turner, and is still waiting for Kiffin and ex-trojan retread Mike Williams to make him  NOT regret being so trojan-fixated.  His other ex-trojan, RB Justin Fargas, is now a one-hit wonder, following his breakout game with nothing.

The win, the Chiefs’ 9th in a row over their hated RIVAL, puts KC in sole possession of First Place in the AFC West, with a 4-3 Record, while leaving Kiffin’s woeful Raiders in sole possession of Last Place in the same Division, at 2-4.  Is it time for Davis to turn the PAGE on the Kiffin Era?

And now, let’s turn the page to the Raiders of My Lost Heart (after two Football Action Photos):  The second set of UCLA Spirit Photos from the Cal Triumph.  You might even think it’s better than the first set.

 Page is about to hit Bomar harder than the NCAA hit Bomar.

A Cowan Leadership positive: Celebrating BREAZELL’S Touchdown pass like it was his own.

Cal fans were cocky, because the writing was NOT on the wall.

   Someone PAGE my Heart Doctor!

Even when just standing there supporting their teammates, they still steam up the lens.

This guy with the cup could become famous, after your reaction to him yesterday.

Two of the World’s Greatest Sights:  The Victory Bell in BLUE, and… (do you really need to be told?)

We finish today, with this:  The saxiest pic we’ve ever posted.



  1. RubenC Avatar

    Awesome UCLA – Cal game LOVED every exciting minute of it, now if we could just repeat this win when we face our nemesis we’re golden!