That’s Coach Neuheisel, taking a back seat to the Spirit Squad.  

Volunteers don’t get Overtime —  Rocky UCLA tops Tennessee 27-24 in O.T., overcoming 3 major injuries and Craft’s 4 1st Half INT’s

When you’re playing as an underdog, with a 3rd string QB, and you quickly lose your top Running Back, Wide Receiver, and Tight End to injuries, you shouldn’t win.

But you aren’t Rick Neuheisel.  Or Norm Chow.

The Neuheisel Bruins overcame massive odds to upset 18th-ranked Tennessee and start the Neu Era off with a bang.  After losing three key skill players, and after losing four 1st half Interceptions, UCLA had no business winning this game.  But Tennessee isn’t very good, and these Bruins have no quit in them.

The Bruins faced imminent defeat several times in this game, being down by 4 with 7 minutes to go, and again with under 2 minutes to go, but Norm Chow’s Offensive ADJUSTMENTS allowed Kevin Craft to overcome his horrendous first half.  His INT’s were pathetic, right into the arms of waiting Vols.  Perhaps one was a mis-run pattern, but as a group, the 4 were a nightmare for UCLA fans.  He looked like he had no idea how to read a Defense.  He just MISSED seeing Safeties waiting for his passes.  Repeatedly.

Some Bruins were screaming for him to be replaced by Forcier.  Craft had not EARNED the right to continue.  But Neuheisel had faith in Craft, and thanks to Chow redesigning the Offense during the Intermission, Craft was actually able to get the job done.

The Bruins couldn’t run, so it was up to Craft to lead two 4th Quarter drives with short passes.  Taylor Embree made a huge catch, Nelson Rosario made another.  Terrance Austin, who held onto a big pass after a ferocious hit, and Dominique Johnson had carried the load, but it was Ryan Moya who stepped up the most.

Moya’s TD catch gave the Bruins a 3-point lead with 27 seconds to go, but the Vols tied it up on a last-second field goal.  In OT, the Bruins got a 3, and the Vol’s missed their try, giving the Bruins the game.

Due to time constraints and serious computer malfuctions, the PHOTOS from the game will be coming soon (but they will be worth the wait, especially for you fans of the UCLA Dance Team). 



3 responses to “SCHWETTE VOL SACKS”

  1. Kacey Avatar

    Go Bruins! Scrappy win!

  2. Omar Avatar

    Hi! I just wanted to say I have been visiting your site for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. Anyway, as a senior at UCLA this year, I couldn’t have imagined a more awesome beginning to my last season in the student section. I have never seen so many students show up for an opener, especially since school hasn’t started yet, but it was packed. It’s been a while since I heard the Rose Bowl get as loud as it was last night, and when Lincoln missed that field goal, everyone in the student section went nuts. Thanks for all the great pictures you post. It’s great to see photos of big plays that are sometimes hard to see from the student section.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. J Avatar

    Woo Hoo! Like I wrote you last night, good luck! Sure enough they got the win.