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Ebenezer Peete — Ex-trojan Rodney Peete is the target of a $4150 lawsuit, for refusing to pay for his ostentatious Christmas decorations

[UPDATED:  8/4/12]

Peete the Cheat has no Christmas Spirit?  For some people, giving is better than receiving, especially during the holidays.  But for ex-trojans, maybe Santa isn’t the role model, while the Grinch IS.

That’s the case with Rodney Peete, according to a Christmas lights company, who says Peete stiffed them for $4150 after they installed an elaborate set of decorative lights on Peete’s house.  Peete did not respond to inquiries from reporters about this story, so his miserly behavior is still just alleged at this point, and Peete’s side of the story has not yet been uncovered.  Perhaps there were too many blue and gold bulbs next to each other, after Peete requested only red lights should be next to gold ones.

It’s no surprise that Peete needed help lighting up his house, since he completely failed to light up any NFL defenses after getting drafted out of U$C.  In fact, his Pro career was so lackluster, that Mr. Peete became Mr. Robinson to many people, since his wife Holly Robinson was much more successful and well-known than he was.

There was also one BRUIN in the news this week, besides all the Bruins excelling in the London Olympics:  Matt Barnes was arrested for ACTING LIKE A TROJAN.  The Laker Forward got popped for driving with a suspended license, and allegedly was uncooperative, and threatened the Officer, which is a Felony.  The heavily-tattooed Barnes has always been a thuggish tough guy with a bad attitude, unbecoming of his UCLA pedigree.  The word “punk” has often been associated with Barnes, who has acted as a kind of “enforcer” for the otherwise soft Lakers (Metta World Peace notwithstanding).  Unfortunately, this uncivilized persona has apparently seeped out into real life.  Hopefully, the reports are exaggerated, and Barnes will be able to reconcile with authorities, and put this issue to bed by working with underprivileged youths.  And even more importantly, I hope that one bad apple from UCLA doesn’t make people group Bruins with the common criminals from across town, who may not have one good apple in the whole BUSHel.

UPDATE:  New information recently revealed shows that Matt Barnes is NOT GUILTY of the wrongdoing with which he is being accused.  Apparently, he cleared up his license problem, and was informed incorrectly that he no longer needed to appear in court.  Then it is being reported that the Huntington Beach Police Officer STALKED Barnes for two hours before accosting him, and that Barnes was trying to give his car keys to his friend when the Officer reached out, and Barnes simply pulled the keys away, and THAT is why he is being (falsely) charged with “resisting arrest.”  Witnesses state that Barnes was NOT drunk, and not the least bit violent or defiant.  So it looks like Barnes was NOT acting like a trojan at all, and that the overzealous cop will have a lot of explaining to do when all is said and done.

"SANTA SUIT" was published on July 31st, 2012 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side.

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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    The cops must have got Matt mixed up with someone else… he’d never act like that… :-p GO BRUINS!

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