Things are looking up for UCLA, because the O and the D are going to come together.

In a blink-o, Missing Link-o’s legions shrink-o on the brink-o of his being benched, after Kinko’s 5 Interceptions give O.T. game to Bills (all to the joy of a certain Fink-o)

After a depressing Saturday where UCLA’s hopes for a decent season disintegrated while sc’s win in South Bend leaves them back in fertile BCS ground, trojan-haters needed some comic relief.  And along comes Mark Sanchez. 

Playing at home against woeful Buffalo, New York was expected to win going away.  Then, Buffalo loses their Starting QB Trent Edwards to a concussion, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has to take over… and Sanchez still couldn’t pull the Jets out of their tailspin.  After becoming the first rookie in decades to start 3-0, Sanchez has now dragged the Jets down to three straight losses, with horrendous efforts that have New York fans clamoring for a change.  Despite Running Back Thomas Jones setting an all-time Jets Record for Rushing Yards in a Game with his 200+ yard effort, Sanchez still couldn’t pull it off, leaving everyone wondering if Pete Carroll was right all along.  Maybe Sanchez’s start was just beginner’s luck, and now he has settled in and has started to show his true colors.  Or at least how green he is at 22, the youngest player on the N.Y. roster, and simply not ready, as Pom Pom grumbled.

Ironically, Bruin fans can sympathize with Sanchez, since both the Jets and Bruins have followed surprising and promising 3-0  starts, with surprising and depressing 0-3 collapses.  But not all is lost for either team.  Sanchez will undoubtedly grow and improve as such a youngster, and UCLA too actually saw glimpses of an upside this weekend.

The 311 yards in the air that Kevin Prince compiled prove that the Bruins can now be expected to stretch the field, and put some points on the board.  The Defenses will be more spread out, allowing Jonathan Franklin to build on his 100+ yard effort of Saturday.  And by the way, it’s great that Damien Thigpen is seeing the ball, but Milton Knox may have made the Juke of the Day, and should definitely be put into the rotation.

Logan Paulsen also made a nice return to the highlight reel, getting open over the middle repeatedly, and racking up yards after the catch, by literally carrying tacklers on his back before they finally drag him down.  As his stock rised, Nelson Rosario lost some momentum, with a couple of drops.  Prince continued to show a lot of faith in his Receivers, throwing the ball before they made their cuts or were looking back at him, trusting that they would be on the same page.  On most occasions, he was successful.  He also showed fine mobility, and a toughness that allows him to scramble for First Downs when necessary. 

He looked pretty good for most of the game, but with 5 minutes left, an awful pass prevented a comeback.  Still, if the Defense can sustain 60 minutes of the effort and stoutness that they showed in the second half, and Prince and Franklin  — and Knox — can get plenty of opportunities, maybe Kai Forbath can get some rest from long Field Goals, and make a bunch of Extra Points instead.

That’s a pretty optimistic view of a team that continues to flounder under questionable leadership who has not come close to delivering on promisies of improvement and a Program to be proud of.  So many mental mistakes and other teams’ seemingly better-prepared schemes keep killing the Bruins.  But you could also say that due to recruiting of the recent past, the Bruins are NOT able to control either line of scrimmage, and THAT is what is really killing them.  The Bears’ Running Backs — both of them — had big holes to run through, while Franklin usually had to wait longer for holes to develop, if they did at all.  Even on his 74-yard TD, he had to fight to get into the open, almost going down after a few yards.

But with recruiting (talking) being one of Rick Neuheisel’s specialties, the talent level will increase, especially on the Lines, and Norm Chow’s abilities will finally begin to show themselves.

And speaking of showing off abilities, here are some Cheer photos from Saturday, along with some Football game-action as well.

Here’s Jonathan Franklin almost going down, but instead keeping his feet, and going…

… 74 yards for the Bruins’ longest TD run since Mo Drew, who scored THREE TD’s himself this weekend.

Jonathan Franklin hits paydirt on a short run, right in front of Cal’s Cheerleaders.

Even Verner got beat for points, bujt it took a great catch on this one to do it.

Here’s back-up Running Back Vereen scoring Cal’s first TD… Yeah, yeah, he danced all over the Bruins.

Missed tackles were really the key to the loss.

Dropped passes didn’t help — Prince’s numbers COULD have been off the charts.

“So, Cade — Do you think Kevin Prince will break any of your UCLA Passing Records?”

When enduring a 3-game losing streak, you have to let the sun shine through.

… because a day without UCLA Spirit is a day without sunshine.

The play-calling was more “open,” and included a flea-flicker.  The Running plays were still pretty basic, and they’ve got to get a RB Fly.

The next opponent is Arizona, who just beat Stanford.  It might be hard to retain this beautiful smile after that encounter.

And if you’re a trojan-hater who likes the Angels and/or Dodgers, this really wasn’t your Weekend.

As for the UCLA Dance Team:  “We’re Not Worthy!  We’re Not Worthy!”

How could anyone be worthy?

Does the fact that Sanchez is struggling mean that Barkley may not leave this year?

The best parts of a game like this are the parts where the Cheer Squad and Dance Team come to our section.

Well, all you can do is wait… and if nothing changes next year, fire the Coach.  At least the Cheerleaders will still be the Best.



  1. SCopper Avatar

    Again, wonderful pictures of your Bruin Ladies. Brianna is still my favorite though, by far. 😀

  2. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    Thanks for the nice pictures of these beautiful members of our dance team. There are four girls that we’ve been blessed of having for 4 years…but clearly and without a doubt Katie is the all-time greatest Bruin Dance Team member, she is not only talented but also beatiful and by far the nicest member of the team.

    Elise is another beautiful, classy, and talented girl that will be remembered for a long time as a legendary member, she is such a sweetheart.

    I will miss Katie and Elise next year, the Rose Bowl will not be the same without these two. I won’t be yelling from over the UCLA Tunnel railing anymore “Katie!!…………………” (she knows what three words I didn’t write) LOL