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Many Happy Landings, but just one that matters for Pitt fans.

Steeler Receiver’s final-minute toe-tapping TD catch gives Pitt a thrilling 27-23 win, overcoming repeated screw-ups by their ex-trojan

The only things missing were the tulips.  Pittsburgh Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes made up for a dropped TD pass that would have won the game, by catching a TD pass on his tip-toes that DID win the game, on the very next play.

Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals played valiantly, coming back from a RECORD 13 points to take the lead in the final 3 minutes, on a long Warner-to Larry Fitzgerald strike.  But they left too much time on the clock for Ben Roethlisberger, who drove his team down the field and hit Holmes for the acrobatic dagger.

Warner had one last chance, but in desperation time, he was sacked, and fumbled away the game.  Apparently, God was not with him on that play.  But don’t blame God, he might have been busy attending to the Steeler’s ex-trojan Troy Polamalu, who seemed to cross himself after every play.  How can they expect God to choose?

Except for the final result, God was not kind to Troy.  Polamalu was seen by a Billion people — in super-slo-mo — whiffing on two easy tackles in a row early in the game, and then, like Aboya abused the Cardinal on Saturday, the Cardinals abused Polamalu and the entire Steeler Secondary.  Warner passed for the 3rd most yards in Super Bowl history against troy & co’s vaunted D.  Polamalu broke up one or two passes, but missed more plays than he made.  In fact, he was last seen hopelessly chasing Fitzgerald down the whole field when the Cards took their only lead.

So sure, Polamalu gets a Ring, and he gets to celebrate with his teammates and his City, (unlike Matt Leinart, who carried the clipboard with the grace of a Ballroom Dancer, but  gets to celebrate nothing), but he will always know that his team won the big game with virtually no contribution — make that no POSITIVE contribution — from him.

Steely Damn!!


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