The U$C Con-Dumbs get no protection from NCAA Bowl Ban, stiff scholarship reductions, or 4-year Probation, as the Appeal Rejection leaves Pat Haden “scratching his head”

So — Pat Haden and the trojans “vehemently disagree” with the NCAA’s decision to UPHOLD all the sanctions against U$C in their entirety.  They claim that there is no PRECEDENT for this severe of a punishment.

Actually, considering the trojans’ UNPRECEDENTED arrogance and unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation, they are damn lucky that they didn’t receive the dreaded “Death Penalty,” or at least a TV Ban.  Remember Mike Garrett publicly accusing the NCAA of having a jealous vendetta?

Haden — the ousted Garrett’s replacement — has confirmed that they will NOT proceed with a lawsuit to challenge the ruling, preferring instead to get this all behind them and move on.  In other words, they now realize that they have no legal leg to stand on.  They know that they are guilty, and the NCAA is JUSTIFIED in their actions.  Of course, everyone else knew this a year ago.

Confirmed yesterday was the fact that usc is banned NOT ONLY from a Bowl Game this year, but also from the inaugural Pac-12 Championship Game.  Of course, with the way Lane Kiffin’s trojans have been performing, that penalty is probably a non-issue.  And that lack of performance is before the scholarship limitations have even begun to have an effect.  It should only get worse for South Central from this point on, for the next three years.

Add to that the belief that Kiffin and one of his Assistants are about to be hit by ADDITIONAL sanctions, for transgressions that they committed while at Tennessee (i.e. “Hostess-gate”).  It is widely expected that penalties will FOLLOW these two Coaches, and be inflicted against them at usc.  And don’t forget that the Joe McKnight SUV case has not yet seen any ramifications.

Only one thing’s for sure:  If any more punishments are announced, the trojans will vehemently disagree with them.


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  1. Sparky Avatar

    What a great title t-h! Made me laugh out loud and I’ll probably be thinking about this all afternoon. This just serves them right and will probably just be the tip of the iceberg. Keep up the good work!