As the World Champion Los Angeles Kings get ready for their victory parade through the streets of Downtown, I give you another regal procession, of the Princesses of Westwood, from the recent UCLA Dance Team auditions

As an (extremely) casual fan of the Los Angeles Kings since the early 70’s, when they wore purple and gold and played at the Fabulous Forum 10 minutes from where I grew up, I offer my congratulations to the Kings, and all their long-suffering fans — Especially the ones who remember Rogie Vachon, Butch Goring, Cowboy Flett, and Frenchy Lemieux.

I don’t claim to be an expert Hockey fan by any means, but it sure was fun to watch the Stanley Cup Finals, as the Kings ended their 45-year drought.  As a life-long Angel fan, I can certainly relate, as I was overcome with emotion in Angel Stadium during Game 7 of the 2002 World Series, when the Angels finally overcame 41 years of frustration with their first and only World Championship.

So, in honor of the Kings, and all their REAL fans (not the ones who jumped on the bandwagon last week), here is a 48-photo salute to Bruin Royalty — The UCLA Dance Team — as they auditioned for this coming year’s squad.  This pictorial concludes my coverage of that event, as I have now shared about 150 of the 1000 shots that I took that day.



2 responses to “ROYALTY ON PARADE”

  1. Barnes2Stokes Avatar

    You under estimate yourself, TH…if you know who Cowboy Flett was, you may be more than a casual fan. Go Kings Go!!!

  2. Rick Avatar

    Don’t forget Whitey Whiting!