UCLA’s True Freshman Quarterback finally plays like a True Freshman, committing three straight critical Turnovers, one returned for a game-changing TD, as UCLA blows a second-half 21-20 lead to lose 40-21, ending the Bruins’ three-game winning streak against the trojans

Josh Rosen is a great Quarterback.  Even as a True Freshman, he set the UCLA All-Time Record for most consecutive passes without an Interception, and all season long, he showed talent and smarts that portends of a Heisman run in the near future.  Rosen has been so good all year long, that he has even been compared to legendary Bruin QB Troy Aikman.  Airman, a 3-time Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys, had a knack for throwing the ball where only his Receivers could reach them, and up until Saturday, you could say the same thing about Rosen.  And Rosen now has one other parallel with Aikman:  He played his worst game ever against u$c.

You can’t really lay it on first-time Rivalry Game jitters, since Rosen wasn’t bad in the first two and a half quarters, as he led UCLA to a 21-20 lead.  As that score indicated, the teams were pretty even for 37 minutes of play, even with sc getting a Touchdown on a Punt Return before Halftime.  Rosen threw a 19-yard TD pass to Thomas Duarte in the 2nd quarter, and Paul Perkins’ second TD of the game gave the Bruins their 21-20 lead in the 3rd quarter.  The Bruins actually had the ball, leading by 1 halfway through the 3rd, when everything went to Hell.

It all started when Rosen was Sacked.  He fumbled the ball, and a defender returned it 31 yards for a TD.  Five plays later, Rosen threw his first Interception in months.  SC scored again.  Then UCLA missed a Field Goal, and sc scored again.  Finally, Rosen threw another Interception, to the same defender, and any slim shred of hope was gone.

The yards gained by both teams was almost dead even around 250 each, late in the game.  Even though sc seemed to control the line of scrimmage, UCLA was able to gain an equal amount of yards.  The difference was that sc was opening big holes for their Running Backs, while UCLA wasn’t.  When Perkins got the ball, he was usually met immediately by defenders who seemed to know the play call in advance,  It is completely to Perkins’ credit that most of the time, he broke the first tackle, and sometimes the second tackle, and was able to second-effort his way to a very impressive 95 yards and his 2 TD’s.

So maybe the teams are fairly even, but throw in a Punt Return TD, a Fumble Return TD, a missed Field Goal, and 2 Interceptions, you have the makings of a blowout, and that’s what this game ended up being.

Rosen will bounce back, and lead the Bruins to future greatness.  He may even win a Heisman some day.  But if he doesn’t beat sc, he will never make it to the top of the pantheon of Bruin Heroes.

Below are 77 photos from Saturday — Many of the game itself, and many more of MY ONLY Bruin Heroes today:  The UCLA Spirit Squad.


3 responses to “ROSEN IMPLOSION”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Thanks for the post and pics T-H. You can’t make mistakes in big games and that’s exactly what we did. sc deserved the win. That being said, we’ll get ’em next year. GO BRUINS!

    BTW: how did Slash do playing the national anthem? When he played it before a Kings game a season or two ago, it was pathetic. He didn’t prepare and didn’t take it seriously. Personally, I’d rather the bands play the national anthem and the fans sing if they wish rather than some celebrity.

    [T-H’s Note: Slash was fine. It almost sounded like a violin. It wasn’t Hendrix, but it was soulful and flawless.]

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Thanks T-H. Sounds like Slash nailed it then. Sounds like he learned from his Kings game experience; good for him!. I’ve always like his style and even met him once at a book signing for the late Jim Marshall, of Marshall Amplification, Inc.

    Your last pic of the Bruin Spirit Squad says it all. They are the best in the land on all accounts and deservedly so. Keep up the good work Bruins!

  3. John Avatar

    The UCLA Dance Team girls are SOOO OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!
    HOOOTTTT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I could be with ANY of these DROP DEAD GORGEOUS LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!
    DANCING in front of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!