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SMELROSE PLACE:  The trojans’ dirty play and taunting will forever mar Morose Bowl win;  Stadium orders 20,000 gallons of disinfectant to eradicate residual layer of SCum

From the moment they took the legendary field to the moment they left, the usc trojans were a disgrace to everything Football-Holy that the great Rose Bowl symbolizes.

Despite being pitted against a vastly outmanned squad, the trojans started the thuggery early, trash-talking from the opening gun.  Then they continued jawing at the Illini, well after each play was over.  The Refs finally got a clue, and started talking to the trojans.  That didn’t work, so the penalty flags started flying.  While the Illini picked up plenty of flags too, theirs were borne out of frustration, while troy’s were borne out of being trojans.

Early in the game, the tone was set, when the trojans picked up two 15-yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties on two consecutive plays.  The first one was a typical trojan late hit out of bounds (they’ve been getting away with it all decade), and the second one was for somersaulting Bush-League style needlessly into the end zone at the end of a trick play.

At that point, the whole USA knew that the heavily-favored trojans had no class, or respect for their opponent.  It was 14-0, and the trojans were doing obnoxious group dances on the sidelines.  And they were just getting started.

Next was Running Back Joe McKnight, getting lectured by a Ref while walking off the field.  But that didn’t curb the trojans’ appetite for cheating — Before the first half ended, they picked up yet another 15-yard penalty for another late hit out of bounds.

While the Nation was wondering how sc lives with themselves, new UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel was interviewed live at the game.  He was smooth as usual, complimented sc, and promised to challenge them in the near future.  Then, he told the Illini, who hadn’t got any Offensive production yet, to throw on 1st Down.  Hopefully, he will heed his own advice in Westwood.

When they returned to the game, it was more of the same.  Fred Davis was the next trojan to show that they have no class.  After scoring a TD, Davis turned around and pointed his finger right in the defender’s face.  He got flagged for Taunting, and sc had to Kick Off from their own 15.

You think that’s a lot of dirty play for one game?  Well, they weren’t done yet.  Taylor Mays, who had already been named in one altercation, picked up another 15-yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty in the 4th Quarter.  And before you could blink a lamb’s tail, he got flagged again, for the THIRD TIME, for the same DIRTY tactic.

With the trojans piling up cheap shot penalty yardage by the mile, and basically looking like a criminal street gang for 3 hours, you would think that Pete Carroll would be a little subdued as the game finished up, but no, he was jumping up and down like an overcaffienated 8-year old, when his team scored to make the lead 38 points.  Obviously, a Lack of Class starts at the top and trickles down.  The trickle was evident, when the sideline camera went on, and a whole slew of trojans started grunting and mugging for it.  NOT ONE WORD was enunciated well enough to be comprehendable.  It was like something out of “Altered States ” (as were the incoherent ramblings of Rey Maualuga during HIS postgame interview). 

Carroll ended the night by refusing to take a knee.  Instead of doing THE ONLY CLASSY THING, he ran another play, topping off a complete game of disgusting trOJan behavior.  What a coincidence that the opposong QB was named Juice, on a day when usc acted like O.J. all game long.

And speaking of ex-trojan nightmares…


It is being reported that Rick Neuheisel is trying to bring Ken Norton jr. back to UCLA.

F*CK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C’mon, Rick, don’t make your first move the worst one ever made by a UCLA Coach!!!!!  Ken Norton is a disgusting traitor just like Henry Bibby.  He is a trojan now and forever, and true Bruins would never allow him back into their hearts.  He is now a well-known UCLA-basher, who sold UCLA out in the worst possible way.

If Neuheisel brings Norton back, Norton better give the most amazing apology speech in History, or he is liable to tear apart the very fabric of Bruin fanship, that Neuheisel is just starting to resurrect.  Besides, who do you think is teaching the troy Linebackers how to get away with all these intimidating but illegal late hits?


After hearing Rey’s interview, we bet he doesn’t write one essay for himself his entire time at usc.

(Cardinal & G)Old Dirty Bastard turning the “Grandaddy” into “The Stinking Rose.”



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  1. The tide is turning Avatar
    The tide is turning

    Today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports section had several comments from Illinois players about suc’s lack of class, taunting, etc. I hope the Illini weren’t surprised.

    What was more digusting (if possible) was herbstreit and musberger (capitalization intentionally excluded) not having the testicular fortitude to immediately and emphatically condemn suc’s classless (synonyms?) attempt to score in the last minute of the game, thereby condoning it, in my view. Thoroughly reprehensible, spineless “journalism” on their part. ABC should be ashamed of their performance.

  2. BobTheBruin Avatar


    Couldn’t agree more about Benedict Norton! Thanks for taking one for the team by watching that whole game. I couldn’t stomach more than a quarter.

  3. bruincheerleader Avatar

    I LOVE THIS SITE…just found it and i already have it booked-marked…i was a BRUIN CHEERLEADER 1968/9/70, and our favorite slug against the WHORJANS was TROJANS POP UNDER PRESSURE…tehe…

  4. Gil Avatar

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed that over half of USC’s penalty yards (75 yards were After the Play: Late Hit/Personal Foul/Unsportsmanlike Conduct — USC had 130 penalty yards total) came from Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties, aka: USC Penalties — that’s the official abbreviation for them, I’m not even kidding. After scoring about half of their touchdowns, USC was kicking off from their own 15, and on one of these occassions, the commentators herbstreit and musberger didn’t even bother mentioning that USC had gotten flagged, and didn’t even cut to the Referee when he was giving the USC Penalty call (coincidentally, they interviewed Neuheisel around this time).

    Right after the Bush-League flip, and the flag that was thrown immediately by the Side Judge, I knew who to give player(s) of the game to: The Big East Officiating Crew. Other than the LJ killing a play too early on a possible fumble-ruled-down in the 1st Quarter, the officials finally penalized USC the way the PAC-10 refuses to handle that team.

    As the penalties kept accumulating, a collective sigh of relief began forming throughout the rest of the PAC-10 schools (and Notre Dame). Kudos to the SMART officials that worked that game, led by Referee Dennis Hannigan.

  5. Indy Trojan Hater Avatar
    Indy Trojan Hater

    Everyone knows the Trojans have no class and they DON’T attend class either. There’s no way you can convince Pete “Crybaby” Carroll runs a clean program in Troy. NO WAY! McKay ran a dirty program. Robinson followed with another dirty program. When USCum tried to do it the clean, respectable way their winning total (surprise!) dropped.

    Now the shameless alumni want the win at all cost and give their recruits free dinners at the Papadakis Taverna in San Pedro (run by a USC man). Believe me, there will be more dirt found and Carroll will have that dirt under his fingernails.

  6. UCLADal Avatar

    I quit watching after 5 minutes of the ABC Herb/Brent sc suck/love fest. It was truly disgusting and unprofessional.

    The next time some trojan fan talks about their team, tell them they remind you of the Miami teams in the late ’80/ early ’90’s. They really are a bunch of pricks.

  7. Bruin Brandon Avatar
    Bruin Brandon

    I couldn’t believe the unconditional praise usc was getting throughout the game. I forgot the part where winning was more important than integrity. People act like Neuheisel pulled an OJ for making some minor recruiting violations at Colorado and betting on basketball games he had nothing to do with at Washington. Though those actions were wrong, they’re given more attention due to UCLA’s lack of success in football over the past few years. Why don’t we look at the numerous legal troubles surrounding usc’s program? When Dennis came in at the end of the game for the trOJans, the idiots in the booth talked about what a “stand-up” guy he was. He beat out a rape investigation. If that doesn’t say “stand-up guy” to you, I don’t know what is.

    Oh, and by the way, why didn’t they penalize the flipping into the end zone when reggie was a uhh…athlete there (I was going to say student, then I remembered we were talking about sc). They would have had ten football fields of penalty yards if they had.

  8. Gil Avatar

    Actually, the showboating and unsportsmanship became rather a Point of Emphasis (though not discretely) in the NCAA after Bush left for the Draft, very likely as a result of Bush’s actions while in college. Unfortunately, USC still has friends in high places, including the higher up Verle Sorgen, who can influence a Referee or other Official’s future; thus, if he wants something called a certain way, it generally will be, because the on-field officials who work below him really have no power to go against his word. This is the same man who praised a no-call late hit that sidelined Bruins QB Ben Olson. This is also the same man who commented on a controversial play called incorrectly, “[The missed call] wasn’t that egregious. Unless you are an Oregon State fan.” He was publically chastised by his boss, Tom Hansen, who also has been influenced by the USC program. He also adamantly declared that the USC scoreboard operator correctly ran the clock at home last season against UW, who had a real opportunity to beat USC, but were denied the opportunity to snap the ball with :02 left because the clock started before the referee marked the ball ready for play.

    The Pac-10 is pretty much controlled by USC — not by the players on the football team, but by corrupt friends of the school and of the coaches/players who are in very advantageous positions within the conference. That’s why you saw the Big East crew of officials repeatedly penalize USC during the Rose Bowl, while that almost never happened during the Pac-10 regular season (and during non-conference games, since the Pac-10 still doesn’t agree to let other home schools provide their own conference’s officials).

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