Not everyone is seduced by the Bruin allure… at first.

Has the L.A. Times’ Adam Rose to the Occasion?  The trojan who does the Times’ SC and UCLA blogs names Bruins’ Dance Team #1, and also might link our Spirit Audition Pics

Perhaps we were a tad hasty when we chastised the Los Angeles Times for letting a trojan run their Bruin blog.  We thought that there was NO WAY that someone from sc, no matter how UNBIASED and Professional they claim to be, would ever allow “The Trojan-Haters Club” to get recognized.  Apparently, we were dead wrong.

It seems that Adam Rose is holding to his word that he would give the Bruin blog all the time and effort that it requires to keep it a viable source of inside information for Bruin fans.  Contrary to the expectations that abounded when Rose was told that he had to add the UCLA Beat to his usc Beat, he did NOT combine them.  Bruin fans do NOT have to filter through news about Mitch Mustain and Mark Sanchez to find out about Pat Cowan and Ben Olson. 

The “What’s Bruin” blog is still just a UCLA site, and unlike with Lonnie White, there is no subtle undercurrent of negativity or sarcasm.  Rose’s only “agenda” is to be Professional, and to deliver a top-quality blog that Bruin fans want to read.  In fact, Rose was honest enough to “admit” recently that the UCLA Dance Team was the #1 Squad in the entire Pac-10.  He gave #2 Oregon the nod for pure photogenics, but gave UCLA the Title, after inserting talent, wardrobe, and attitude into the equation.  NO real Bruin-Hating trojan would EVER make an “arbitrary” decision like this — and make it public — knowing that his trojan brethern are going to read it, and skewer him for it. 

But the ultimate proof of the lack of an evil agenda is supposed to come today.  Mr. Rose has informed us that today he will be linking our UCLA Spirit Squad Audition Photos, from  That will be a first for us — To be linked by the City mainstay, AND, to be helped by a trojan.  Of course, maybe we are over-estimating the Times’ popularity in cyberspace.  Mr. Rose is acting so graciously — having asked permission to use the photos and to link us, and then thanking us for consenting — that it’s almost as if we are the ones doing HIM the favor.

We don’t see it that way.  We are always happy for our ( photos to get extra exposure (for US and for the Program), and we are still thinking that the Times web-traffic numbers are exponentially higher than those of an independent blog.  So, we’ll see.  But the important thing is that Mr. Rose seems to be one of those very rare “Cool” trojans, who happens to have a great “vision” for the future of his Bruin Blog, and we will be supporting him whole-heartedly from now on.

Because we expect some new visitors today and in the near future, we went back through the archives of the past four months, and pulled 19 more never-before-seen photos of the students of the UCLA Spirit Squad, mingling on campus prior to Bruin Basketball games.  If you click on the photos, they will enlarge quite a bit, and if you just “mouse over” the pics, a pop-up caption will make you roll your eyes over a corny “Rose” pun, or something equally irreverent.

[“NEWS” – FLASH:  Trojan Hero, Actor, and Repeat Offender O.J. Simpson has just announced his desire to star on the next installment of “Celebrity Apprentice.”  Great — They can subtitle it: “A Trump and a Chump.”]

Elise and Adam:  The “Rose Royce’s” of their respective fields.

Communicating with Adam helped “put a new vase on” Rose for me.

A Pro like Rose knows:  UCLA is #1 in this area.

Putting the petal to the metal.

If Adam Rose were part Red, part Blue, then he’d be The Purple Rose (of Cairo).

Thorn Between Two Lovers

Kristin and Paper Roses are okay with us (regardless of what Marie Osmond has to say)

The Bruin Spirit Auditions brought out Rows and Rows and Rose of talent.

Up until now, we were “Rose-Guardin’” [Guarding against Rose hurting UCLA with skewed coverage]

Think about the Rose Petals in “American Beauty” (if you know what we “Mena”)

Rosie Palmers got good news from the Science world this week.

Let’s hope Adam Rose doesn’t go topless, like Rose from “Two and a Half Men” did, in “Park.”

Pretty Little Maids in a Rose

These Girls make ROSE-ario Dawson look like Richard Dawson (or Rose Marie, just to alienate even more youngsters)

This might be too “forward,” but don’t those lips look “as soft as rose petals?”  (Sorry, Katie.)

Where’s Axl ROSE when you need him?  Welcome to Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

Mollie has long-stemmed the tide in the UCLA vs usc Spirit Battle, and Rose - Classily - did not try to deny it.

What do “Rose Hips” do, anyway?

You’ve got to stop and smell the Roses, because that’s what everything’s coming up.


8 responses to “ROSE CHARADE, OR ROSE-BUD?”

  1. frank Avatar

    we can’t get over BRIANNA or 129!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go BRUINS!!!!!!!! Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jp Avatar

    good for you t-h! i’m glad to see this site get more recognition.

  3. UCLADal Avatar

    #4 is my favorite. It’s great to be a Bruin… and a man.

  4. Robert Avatar

    Yes, Katie’s lips do look like rose petals, there’s NO ONE like Katie.

    [T-H’s Note: It’s nice to know that SOMEONE reads the captions. I was GOING to say something about how nice they must be to kiss, but I decided that THAT would be “crossing the line” (of disrespect).]

  5. Robert Avatar

    I read them all the time, after all you do for us readers, it’s the least we could do – specially knowing you always got something to say.

  6. Robert Avatar

    Dear t-h,
    In the past I downloaded the pictures to post them on my myspace page, and now I can’t download the images anymore, did you change something in your system to keep us from downloading them?
    Thanks and I will wait for your response.

    [T-H’s Note: No, nothing was changed. You can still right-click and save them to your computer. The problem must be on your end, as I just tried it and it works fine for me.]

  7. Robert Avatar

    Thanks t-h, problem solved, you’re the best.