Rick Neuheisel has been given his walking papers — The Pac-12 Championship Game will be his last as the Head Coach of UCLA

The Neu Era is now the Old Era.  Rick Neuheisel has been fired, and his 4-year suckfest is about to come to a merciful end.  Or at least you can HOPE that Oregon will show mercy, as a 31-point favorite in the Conference Title Game on Friday night.  Neuheisel will “lead” the Bruins for that one last game, then Offensive Coordinator Mike Johnson will be the Interim Coach if the Bruins are allowed to play in a Bowl Game.

As of now, the National Search for a new Coach is on.  Names like Chris Petersen, Mike Belotti, Mike Leach, and Kevin Sumlin are the first ones to be bandied about, but the search is just getting started.  With any luck, the new guy will bring in all his own people, and completely clean house.  There should be left no remnants of the staff responsible for Saturday night’s fiasco.  Febreze the whole Department, to get rid of that lingering stench.  And that includes the support staff, Conditioning people, etc.  Might as well start from scratch.  And if the new Coach isn’t a universally-lauded selection, then Dan Guerrero can be the next to pack his bags.

My advice?  Next time, don’t hire a guy who chose to attend u$c grad school.  Instead, pick someone with better judgment.


2 responses to “RICK HITS THE BRICKS”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Well at least I still have my “Neu Era” shirt. It was a big hit at the first TD Club breakfast I wore it to. I’ll still keep it.

    Thanks for all you do T-H. Like I’ve said before, you bleed the Blue and Gold with the best them. Here’s to better times ahead.

    Remember Duane Allman! GO BRUINS!

  2. dswenson Avatar

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but I think Rick N. was just about to turn the corner with our football program. Next year with Hundley possibly taking over the pistol offense, I think we were headed in the right direction. I love Rick N. and his loyalty to UCLA. I wish he were our AD instead of Dan G. I wish him nothing but the best and I will always be grateful for his time and loyalty to UCLA. It’s too bad our alumni turned their backs on him. I bleed blue and gold and didn’t like the game with $c, but we were outmatched in every position. UCLA will not be able to sign players like $c gets because our entrance requirements are too high for some high school football players. $c can get anyone they want because of money and low standards and being a private school. Sometimes, football players in high school aren’t your best students and I know because I teach high school kids. Rick, I am truly sorry you are leaving. It is a very sad day in Westwood.