Yet another selfish trojan football player puts public lives in danger, as u$c Linebacker Don Hill gets busted for a DUI

Considering u$c’s  ever-growing list of criminals that is longer than a chimpanzee’s arm, you have to wonder:  Do they RECRUIT all these idiots and a-holes, or do they just train them up to be that way?  Apparently, trojan Football coach Steve Sarkisian failed to show his players the infamous “Red Asphalt” videos.  For you kids too young to know, the Red Asphalt films were a series of videos produced by the CHP, intended to scare the hell out of teens.  They showed the gory wreckage and bloody carnage of car accident aftermaths, in a “Scared Straight”-type effort to keep kids from driving negligently.  And of course, DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, is the most negligent a driver can be.

Which brings me to trojan Linebacker/D-Lineman Don Hill.  This week, in Boise, Idaho of all places, Hill was awarded his first DUI, seemingly a rite of passage for trojan athletes.  Hill is a 19 years old, who redshirted last season, but will surely be back on the team next year, ready to wreak havoc on the on the field like he does on the open highway, assuming that the trojans follow their usual modus operandi, which is to fail to discipline their law-breakers and various miscreants.  Just ask the Clown College “Hero” Josh Shaw, who was conveniently cleared to play just in time for the UCLA game, right when his ankles were healed after jumping off a balcony to evade Police.  Of course, it didn’t help the trojans, who got spanked by UCLA for the third year in a row.  Maybe if they started recruiting better CHARACTER guys, they’d have better luck, and better karma, and less DUI’s.