A Buffet To Die For — UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad take Bruin fans sailing on a pleasure cruise, as the Basketball team tries to not capsize

It may be “sink or swim” time for the Bruin Basketball team, but when it comes to the UCLA Spirit Squad, the term “capsize” comes up only during tiara fittings.  These Royal Princesses of Westwood continue to defy logic — and gravity — by staying disciplined and well-grounded, even while seemingly floating above the court in Dance, and acrobatically flying through the air in Cheer.

No Captain who had this precious cargo on his vessel’s manifest would even consider abandoning ship.  Maybe Ben Howland is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic before his one-wave-short-of-a-shipwreck team hits the proverbial iceberg during the Pac-12 Tournament, but the Spirit Squad remains a National Championship -caliber unit throughout, with nothing but clear sailing ahead.

If you wake up early enough on Saturday, you may see the Dance Team performing at the World Famous Madison Square Garden in New York City, as the Basketball team takes on St. John’s there.  Dancing before a National TV audience in MSG is quite an honor — one that the girls have EARNED after all their hard work and effort throughout the year.  I just hope CBS gives them some decent airtime.

In the meantime, here are 39 more photos from Wednesday night, of both the Dance Team and Cheer Squad.  It may not be National Network coverage, but it is worthwhile exposure for thousands of their fans, who are always asking for more.


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    One of our top 5 T-H! You’re The Man! Remember Duane Allman!