Unlike sc, who repelled all but O.C. Virgin Kennedy Pola, UCLA is able to attract O.C. Legend Norm Chow for two more years

Two years of lackluster results has NOT tarnished the desirability or reputation of Norm Chow.

Apparently, UCLA, usc, and the National Media have given Chow a pass, for fielding one of the Nation’s most pathetic Offenses, for two years in a row.   Chow’s lack of production has made Kai Forbath a Star, with a good chance to break the NCAA All-Time Record for Career Field Goals this season.

But there is a good, and Universally-accepted REASON for Chow’s blatant failures:  He has had almost nothing to work with, especially on the Offensive Line.  Chow’s schemes, and the ability of inexperienced QB’s to avoid trouble, are both destroyed by a porous OL.  Even the brain surgeons across town could see this, and they proved it by desperately trying to lure Chow away from UCLA when Lane Kiffin first arrived.  But Chow rebuffed Kiffin’s advances, telling the Press that he was already where he wanted to be.  Could it be that he KNEW sc was guilty of major infractions, so he correctly anticipated heavy sanctions?  

The Bruins agree with usc, that Chow is worth the big bucks.  UCLA will be paying Chow about a half a million a year, which makes him one of the highest-paid Assistants in the Country, and the highest-paid Bruin Assistant in History.

Now Kiffin will have to find a new startegy for recruiting future Quarterbacks other than “I guarantee that Chow will retire this year.”   Selling Pola as a first-time Offensive Coordinator will not be easy.  And for those of you who think that Pola is just getting the O.C. “Title” while Kiffin will be the one calling the plays — So What?  Kiffin is not respected as a play-caller, and his Record as a Head Coach should not be giving recruits any confidence at all.  I readily admit that Defensive players should WANT to play for MONTE Kiffin, but I can’t imagine why a QB or any Offensive player would want to come to usc right now, with all the scholie reductions and a disgrace of a Head Coach… unless they are still giving them envelopes of cash.   Maybe we should ask the confused Brandon Carswell, who just decided to stay at sc, after it was Tweeted that he was transferring last week. 

The trojans may have gained Carswell, but they finally lost Glenn Stanley.  The recruit who had asked for a release but got refused by Kiffin, finally won his freedom, allegedly after some legal posturing.  That makes about 9 “trojans for life” who bailed on the Program in the last month.  And Kiffin fiddled while Troy burned…

Kiffin claims that new Athletic Director Pat Haden was aware of the timeline of the Pola Snatch, even though that would imply Haden condoned the “illegal” and immoral act of enticing Pola to breach his newly-signed contract with Tennessee.  Apparently, the squeaky-clean image of Pat Haden is fading fast.  Kiffin is NOT being scared straight, that’s for sure:  He said that usc fans will like you if you win, and it doesn’t matter HOW.  In other words, he can continue to be a total prick, and if he wins, trojan fans will like him.  He is ADMITTING that trojan fans are win-at-all-cost scumbags, with no consciences.  When asked about “Integrity,” he says to see how much sc fans like you if you say and do all the right things but finish 6-6.

At UCLA, at least SOME of the fans appreciate Class.  Karl Dorrell is considered a failure on the field, but a total success in terms of cleaning up the Program and behaving Professionally through thick and thin.  While SOME Bruin fans HATE Dorrell and think he drove the Program into the ground, REAL Bruin fans look back on Karl with respect, for giving his all, and doing so with Integrity.  Unlike Steve Lavin, who was also thrust into a position for which he was simply not ready, Dorrell worked hard, and at least TRIED to instill some discipline, while learning the job, on the job.

Kiffin’s lack of Class seems to be trickling down, to his Star QB.  Matt Barkley announced arrogantly this week that the trojans, in order to “OWN the Rose Bowl” as they had always planned, ARE GOING TO BEAT UCLA again.  It was reported as a “guarantee,” but I don’t really see it that way.  It wasn’t like Chad Ochocinco calling a Press Conference to stir up controversy and publicity by pronouncing a definite victory — It was more like a throwaway line, IN CONTEXT of talking about overcoming the depressing sanctions by winning their de facto Bowl Game.  For some reason, it didn’t offend me as much as it did some of my fellow Bruin fans, who see this as nothing short of serious Bulletin Board material.  These same fans see Barkley’s Bomb-after-the-Knee as another reason why UCLA will be out to get him this year.  Again, I do not see it the same way:  That bullsh-t call was Carroll’s decision, NOT Barkley’s.  What choice did Barkley have?  If Carroll told him to throw it, he had to throw it.  He couldn’t alienate the only guy that had faith in him (over Corp and Mustain).  And I wouldn’t expect him to purposely miss the target just because he knows how Bush League the call is.  The REAL reason to want to (figuratively) behead Barkley should be his taunting celebrations and his cocky, low-class rhetoric after the game.

Barkley’s cocky demeanor took a hit at the ESPN Studios this week, when he embarrassed himself during a Skills Challenge.  He was given THREE chances to throw a football at a UCLA helmet, and he missed all three.  They didn’t even get closer as he progressed.  The only thing he hit was the podium.  And just like a trojan, he refused to accept the fact that he sucked, and DESPITE THE RULES, demanded another ball.  So they gave him a FOURTH shot, and he heaved another wounded duck that did not come close to hitting the helmet.  The announcers had to stifle their laughs, as Barkley pouted off into the sunset.

And Barkley wasn’t the only player from last year’s trojans who had an epic fail this week:  Joe McKnight FAILED his “Conditioning Run” for the Jets, and was placed on some sort of rehab/inactive list.  Maybe he should have driven an SUV through the course?  Considering that McKnight said that he was illegally recruited to sc by Reggie Bush, it’s no surprise that McKnight carried on Bush’s sc legacy of trouble, cheating, and NFL underachieving.

Meanwhile, UCLA’s Star alum (and #3 OVERALL projected Fantasy Football Draftee) Maurice Jones-Drew is tearing up the Pro’s, and tearing apart usc as well.  In an interview with Dan Patrick, Maurice showed his Class, his unique insight into usc, his True Blue colors, and his Honesty, as Patrick pressed for a reaction to all sc’s trials and tribulations.

Mo’s first comment:  “Cheaters never prosper.”  MJ-D knows how to pack a punch.  He went on to say that OBVIOUSLY, the school knew Bush was getting paid:  “Let’s be realistic.”  When asked if Pete Carroll knew:  “Is the sky blue?”  He added that the sc coaches felt that when you’re winning, everything is okay.  Simple as that.

When asked if HE was offered anything, he adamantly replied that he went to UCLA, where they play by the book, and that Patrick knows that.  Asked about Agents, Jones-Drew replied that UCLA was strict, and that they didn’t allow any of that.  Sounds like Dorrell REALLY DID clean things up in Westwood — according to someone who would know.

And finally, speaking of UCLA and CLEANING UP, a fellow Bruin is organizing two local beach clean-ups.  All I know is that he is a loyal Bruin and Season Ticket holder, who is trying to make a difference.  Cleaning up our local beaches is a great place to start.

The first one is BOLSA CHICA — August 14th, from 8am to Noon.  Taco guy will serve food right after the clean-up, from 1-3.  The second one is REDONDO BEACH, on September 25th.  For details, please e-mail:  WLEE@lockton.com.


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