Bruin Judge Cormac Carney shows WAY too much mercy to lying ex-trojan criminal Johnnie Morton, giving him only 2 years Probation — instead of 5 years in Prison — for repeatedly lying to a Federal Grand Jury in a multi-million dollar Money Laundering case

Another trojan SCumbag skates.  And this time, a great Bruin is paritally to blame.  Ex-trojan Wide Receiver and YouTube laughingstock Johnnie Morton was sentenced yesterday to two years of Probation, after ADMITTING to lying to a Federal Grand Jury.  Morton, who went viral on the Internet for getting knocked out so pathetically in his attempt to become an MMA star, faced up to 5 years in a Federal Prison for his crime, but UCLA Star Receiver-turned-Judge Cormac Carney decided a slap on the wrist was more in order.

Perhaps the “appearance of impropriety” discouraged Carney from dispensing a more fitting sentence.  Maybe Carney didn’t want the backlash of trojans claiming that Carney was unfairly biased against the lawbreaker from the Rival school.  After all, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind about the crime being committed, considering that Morton changed his tune after the lies, and openly admitted his wrongdoing.

The case involved a business associate of Morton’s, Neang Chhorvann, who got busted in an IRS criminal investigation, involving fraudulent investment schemes and money laundering.  Morton invested $2 Million with this guy, and also placed at least one phone call to at least one other potential investor, on Chhorvann’s behalf.  Morton at first denied having any business dealings with him, then later said that he just gave him a couple of hundred-thousand.  Apparently, the guy STOLE Morton’s 2 Million, and then threatened to kill Morton and/or Morton’s Parents if he squealed.

When Morton tried to use the Defense that these threats are justification for his lies to the Grand Jury, the threats were investigated, but COULD NOT BE corroborated.  Meanwhile, Chhorvann got convicted, but is now a fugitive, after not showing up in Court, so he is looking at 10 years behind bars when he finally gets apprehended.  Until he gets caught, the Mortons ought to go into Madea’s Witness Protection, just in case Johnnie didn’t actually FABRICATE those threats.

Maybe Carney believes the story about the threats, and that’s why he showed so much leniency.  Or maybe it’s the Fraternity of Wide Receiver’s Code of  Professional Courtesy.  Whatever the reason, Morton should be thanking his lucky stars that he drew the merciful Bruin as his District Court Judge, or he might be sharing a cell with O.J. right now.


3 responses to “PITY? F*CK!”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Johnnie Morton will be back in trouble sooner than we know it. The gift that keeps on giving!

  2. dswenson Avatar

    Johnny might still end up with OJ. UCLA Dal might just be right.

  3. Barnes2Stokes Avatar

    “OK, take me to prison.” Ray Liotta as the late mobster Henry Hill… (not sure why,TH, but somehow that just seemed appropriate).