Beastly arrogant Pete Carroll idiotically calls a pass on the one-yard line while Marshawn Lynch watches, and the Patriots intercept it to clinch the Super Bowl!!!!

Seattle had it won.  Even after choking away a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter, they got a miracle catch in the final minute, and all they had to do is hand the ball off to Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch for an easy one-yard TD, but Pete Carroll’s Seahawks inexplicably decided to throw a pass.  And as the ball was picked off at the goal line, Carroll’s smug smirk was wiped off his face, and the Patriots had the win 28-24.

Carroll’s f*ck-up will live on in Super Bowl Infamy as the stupidest call in Super Bowl History, just like his screw up the BCS Title game against Texas will be equally remembered as monumentally DUMB.

Pete Carroll — The only Coach to personally throw away a Super Bowl and A BCS Title game via arrogance and sheer stupidity.  What a legacy


P. S. Of course the thug mentality that Carroll proudly cultivates led to a classless poor-loser sour grapes ugly brawl at the end of the game.  What else would you expect from this group of Pete’s disciples?


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    Tony Bruno created a hashtage “#leastmode”. Way to go pee-wee! Go Pats!