Another day, another NCAA investigation into usc football — Now Carroll is accused of violating rules about hiring NFL consultants

A day without Pom Pom Pete and his band of uber-thugs getting busted is like a day without sunshine.  Luckily, the sun continues to shine brightly in Southern Cal.

It is being reported now that Carroll has been using a guy with mega-ties to the NFL as a pseudo-coach for Special Teams.  Isn’t that special?  The guy has been watching every game, and then teaching Carroll how to fix the problems.  He has been giving insight to Petey about specific players, and about how to avoid penalties, especially on punt returns.

And speaking of avoiding penalties, how will Weasley Pete weasel out of this one?  The use of this guy puts sc over the limit for Coaches, and also gives sc an advantage in recruiting.  Having an extra conduit to the NFL is just what recruits are looking for, and usc is the place where they find it.

The “Coach” in question even turned down a gig in San Diego, due supposedly to his commitment to Pete.  However, when questioned about San Diego, the guy conveniently “forgot” about it.  Sounds like Pete has been teaching HIM a thing or two, about stonewalling the NCAA and others, in order to avoid the warranted sanctions.

Can you say “Loss of Institutional Control?”

Will this latest incident finally force the NCAA’s hand?  Yeah, right.  


2 responses to “PETE THE CHEAT AT IT AGAIN?”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    If my son were dying of thirst and peewee offered him a glass of water, I’d spit in it. peewee can go to hell.

  2. JosephineBruin Avatar

    no wonder they haven’t had a special teams coach…..this explains a lot