Haden Out to the Highway (Robbery)– The Los Angeles Times has just exposed trojan-for-life Pat Haden, for ripping off a charity and funneling millions of dollars to himself, his relatives, and his alma mater Southern Cal

On June 30th, Pat Haden will step down as u$c’s Athletic Director… and not a moment too soon.  With a new story just released in the L.A. Times accusing him of the de facto embezzlement of millions, he probably would have been fired in disgrace if he wasn’t already “retiring” from his position.

For all the gory details about how Haden and two of his family members duped this worthy scholarship charity out of so much money, I suggest you go read the original exposé in The Times.  But basically, the Haden clan took HUGE salaries for hardly any work at all.  They got paid WAY more than other similar charity employees/directors.  Experts say that the Hadens’ ultra-lucrative compensation was UNHEARD OF in the Charity community.

Not only did the Hadens POCKET ridiculous amounts for themselves, but they also steered most of the actual scholarships to u$C, at the expense of every other worthy school.  u$c says that Haden “recused himself” when SC was involved as a potential recipient, but a follow-up investigation uncovered multiple examples of paperwork that implies that Haden was personally involved in directing the funds to his precious school — and his own Athletic Department.

For years and years, people have been singing the praises of Pat Haden, and his squeaky-clean lawyer image, especailly when he was tabbed to clean up the sanctioned mess left behind by arrogant sleazeball trojan Mike Garrett.  I’ve been insisting the whole time that it was simply a well-managed facade, and that Pat was always involved in shady dealings, ever since the 70’s when he was mentored by head SCumbag John McKay.  But no one would listen to me, until recently.

Haden’s image first started getting tarnished publicly when he cowardly and classlessly fired Lane Kiffin on the tarmac at LAX after a humiliating loss.  Then when Haden ran down from the pressbox to the field to accost a referee in the middle of the game, he lost any respectability or dignity that he had remaining.  Then, he hit what I thought was rock bottom because of the way he terminated Steve Sarkisian — in a voice mail, despite Sark suffering from the debilitating disease of Alcoholism.  But NOW, he has hit a new low, with this devastating article illustrating how he has been — for years and years — despicably manipulating a charity just to line his own pockets, and the purses of his daughter and sister-in-law.  I think, finally, Haden’s reputation is shot to Hades.


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  1. JC Avatar

    No, no, no, you got it all wrong! Haden learned his dirty tricks at Oxford!

    I guess he figured he got nothing. To looooose. At. Alllllllll.