It may be Friday, but around here, it’s “Two’s-day.”

Take me Down to Paradise City where the Brass is Seen and the Girls are Pretty:  Just 2 days until Neuheisel<Slash>Chow and the UCLA Spirit Squad Welcome you, and answer any questions you may Axl

You:  “Hey Norm — Can our QBs’ GUNS get us the ROSES?”

Norm:  “It ain’t easy…”

You:  “Welcome to the Jungle, Baby.”

Hopefully Norm’s Offense this year will do to opposing Defenses what the Bruin Spirit Squad has been doing to fans for years:  Bring them to their n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-knees.

Just in case you haven’t been here for a while:  In TWO DAYS, on this Sunday, April 11th at 4pm (until 6pm), the UCLA Spirit Squad is hosting a Fan Afternoon Reception, with drawings, prizes, hors d’oeuvres, special performances, and appearances by Rick Neuheisel, Norm Chow, and maybe, some prominent former Bruin players.

Taking place in the James West Alumni Center on UCLA’s campus, this special fundraiser is for the benefit of the Cheerleaders, so there is a tax-deductible fee to enter.  That will insure a cozy gathering, where you won’t get lost in the crowd, unless you want to.  I would imagine that you could probably even spend a quality moment with Neuheisel, if you played your cards right.  I KNOW that you could get a chance to say hello or thank you to any member of the Spirit Squad, and I’m sure they’ll be appreciative of just the fact that you ponied up for the event, especially in these financially-trying times.  

Here is the Official Web Site :

And here are 5 PAIRS of “TWO-shots,” since we now have TWO days left in the big Countdown.  They all expand when you click on them, and they all have pop-up captions.  Just mouse over the pics to make the captions appear.  Today, they are, with 2 exceptions,  Guns n’  Roses lyrics, that correspond to the photos.  I hope you have an Appetite for Destruction.

Not GnR, but, let’s call this one “2 Fast 4 Love” (because of the Motley Crue T-shirt).

“Now and then when I see her face, she takes me away to that special place…”

“…and if I stared too long, I’d probably break down and cry (cry, cry).”

“Knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

“Please, won’t you please, take me home.”

“Does anybody remember laughter?” (Without Zep, there’d be no GnR).  [That one’s for Paco, aka Beefsteak Johnny]

“You learn to live like an ANIMAL in the jungle where we play.”

“If you got a hunger for what you see, you’ll take it eventually.  You can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me.”

“And when you’re high, you never want to come down, so down, so down.”

Last two for today — “She’s got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories, where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky.”


4 responses to “PAIRADICE CITY”

  1. RALPH ROMERO Avatar

    Where are the pictures of Elise? The hottest UCLA Cheerleader ever.

    [T-H’s Note: She’s in there. She’s in lots of the photos posted over the last week. The reason why there are not more of her is that since I agree with you that she is (at least) one of the “hottest” girls, I have already posted the best shots of her, back when the shots were originally taken. This week marks my third or fourth pass at these events, so these are like the “fourth string” pics, while most of the Elise close-ups were already displayed here, as part of the first, second, and third string.]

  2. BL Avatar

    Thanks T-H! Two pictures (and 5 “half” pictures) of the Cheer girls is better than none! Thank you.

  3. UCLADal Avatar

    Thanks T-H! Way to “Bring It” this week! Rock On!

    Cranking Black Sabbath’s “The Warning” right now. Just some kick ass jam by the lads! Would love to watch the Dance Team groove to it! Hell, I love watching them along with the rest of the Spirit Squad groove to anything! GO BRUINS!

  4. BL Avatar

    Looking forward to more pictures tomorrow!