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Trojan 4th-Quarter Pounder gets Deep Fried for trying to Filet a defenseless opponent by Driving Thru him with a late, dirty hit way above the McRibs

It’s about time that someone finally spanked T.J. McDonald on his sesame-seed buns.

The ketchup & mustard headhunter has recently put the “ass” in “assassin” by showing no remorse for continually playing as if he is trying to injure his opponents, and the Pac-12 has finally had enough.  Yesterday, the Conference suspended McDonald for the first half of the trojans’ next game, for ignoring their warnings and, in the final period of the Stanford loss, going after yet another player who was in no position to protect himself.  The hit hurt sc, who would have beat the Cardinal if not for the stupid play, but the suspension will not hurt sc, because their next game is at Colorado, and the trojans could win that game by 30 even if all of their starters were suspended.

But what the suspension DOES do is send a message to everyone that McDonald is a dirty player, who had already been told by the Conference to stop his headhunting, but who said that he wasn’t going to change anything, and didn’t.  McDonald laughed in the faces of the Pac-12 and his other detractors, saying that he was proud of his attacking style, regardless if he was subjecting opponents to life-threatening injuries.

This has been the trojan attitude for decades.  It is WORTH it to receive a penalty for unnecessary roughness, as long as the opponent is intimidated.  Who cares if a kid gets concussed or paralyzed, as long as it gives sc a mental advantage?  Could it be that the trojans recruit thugs?  Could it be that steroids cause mental problems like “Roid Rage?”  Or is it simply the culture of trojan football, and the attitude that is intentionally cultivated at usc?

You might watch the replay and insist that he is just playing Football, the way it was intended to be played, with violent, bone-jarring hard hits.  Yeah, maybe when Jack Tatum was playing for the Raiders.  But new rules have been instituted to protect players from brain damage and spinal  cord tragedies.  You can no longer spear people, or launch at people above the numbers, even if you lead with a shoulder.  And you especially can’t do it after the play is over, or if the ballcarrier is defenseless.  But since when did trojans ever follow the rules?  They have never thought that the rules (or laws) apply to them.  They are above the law, they own the Police, and even if they COULD read the rule book, they wouldn’t.  And if you think this slap on the wrist is going to change anything, you just haven’t been paying attention.  They will probably have a prize for the player that can earn the most suspensions.  If it weren’t for CUPS, they’d be hitting people in the McNuggets.

"PAC-12 TELLS McDONALD TO TAKE IT ON THE ARCHES" was published on November 1st, 2011 and is listed in News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "PAC-12 TELLS McDONALD TO TAKE IT ON THE ARCHES": 3 Comments

  1. Trojan for Life wrote,

    UCLA fans are hilarious. Always more concerned about SC. I love it.
    Fight on!

    [T-H’s Note: Guess what? Homeland Security is always more concerned about Al Queada than America, and the JDL is more concerned about Neo-Nazis than Jews. Who ISN’T concerned with their scumbag enemies who ruin the World? And by the way, why are YOU so concerned about what UCLA fans are concerned about? And you are SO concerned about it that you take the time to post your thought on a board frequented almost totally by UCLA fans? Isn’t that a little hypocritical?]

  2. fastfreddie wrote,

    TFL, Bite me

  3. dswenson wrote,

    Nothing surprises me anymore or ever about the SCumbags in south central. They are all thugs on the team along with Mr. Sweet, Matt Barkley. The guy who hit our kicker, Locke, from Cal should also be suspended for his cheap shot on Locke. That was really uncalled for. He looked over at him and saw that he wasn’t paying attention to him and came and hit him full bore. Locke never saw him coming. I have seen the replays and it looks worse every time I see it.

    Also, tell trOJan for life to go suck an egg!!!

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