Chow kept calling Bell’s number, even though sc HAD Bell’s number, but Norm HAD to shorten the game.

And speaking of “spectacles”… (you older guys better go get your bi-focals).

The vivid Blue & Cardinal landscape — missing since 1982 — was a perfect backdrop to see the Bruins show the most heart

The colors on the field looked better than the numbers on the scoreboard.

Yeah, UCLA lost convincingly to a superior team.  That was a given.  The only element that was still in doubt was which team would really bring it, and play up to their potential.  And on paper, and in Vegas, and in most people’s minds, UCLA was the team that overachieved on Saturday.

The 33-point spread was never really threatened, as a game projected to be a blowout saw the Bruins still within striking range late into the 2nd half.  Not that this is any kind of moral victory, but it is definitely a good thing that the team did not quit on Rick Neuheisel.  In the not-too-distant future, when Neuheisel has the talent to go with the motivation, he should be able to make some noise, and bring the Rivalry back up to the level warranted by the coolest color-clash in Sports.  So, here are 18 more hidden-captioned, enlargable, savable photos from Saturday, the first few offered as proof of how awesome the color-vs.-color confrontation looks (and the rest offered as a whole ‘nother kind of proof).

By the way — One man CAN change the World:  One person wrote in requesting Cheerleader VIDEO.  Well, I actually got a little clip on Saturday.  If there are no objections (Mollie?), I might post that later tonight.

Sanchez got down and Dirty on Saturday, as the Bruins punished him more than anyone else did this season.

Joe McKnight had a decent game, but he’s no Reggie Bush (except for the benefits).

Norris got picked on quite a bit, and he stepped up, usually.

Sure, Norris is no Verner, but he DOES seem to play with lots of heart and desire, against difficult odds.

It’s a “moral” victory?

…except that there is no such thing as a moral victory.

These girls - and sometimes their hair - defy gravity.

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this, but it was a Sweet ‘n Sour Saturday.  [(S)oy vey!)

It was a game effort, but because there is no Bowl game, the season is still, sadly, cut short.

The trojans’ season is also cut short, because their play was so bad on Saturday, they will not be considered for the National Championship game, even though no one has a better record.

“Barely Regal.”   ………….[Pun borrowed from last week’s episode of “The Simpsons.”]

I predict that a whole lot of people are falling in love at this very moment.

I saw a lot of “mixed” (Bruin + trojan) COUPLES at the game.  Now I know how George Jefferson felt when he saw the Willis’.

M-I-C…K-E-Y…  M-O-U-S-C.

Reminder for the UCLA Girls, especially the one who’s Dad is a regular visitor — If you don’t like any particular pic of you, for any reason, don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll pull it (sadly), by the next morning

Whack it!

I’m REALLY going to miss Football season.

Last one for today.  Check back soon for our first-ever VIDEO clip of the Dance Team in action (if they let me).



  1. bob powley Avatar

    That was me and my six iron I could never hit…Have been bring that prop for years but have to keep changing the horse due to the abuse it takes…:)

  2. Robert Avatar

    [T-H’s Note: I debated whether this letter was too personal to post. I finally decided that he went to so much effort, that it wouldn’t be fair to censor it. HOWEVER, if anyone who is mentioned in it would prefer that the letter (or THEIR part) be deleted, then I will delete it. And one more thing: Please do NOT assume that the Girls actually come to this website. This is definitely NOT a place where you can directly communicate with the Squad. In this ONE instance, I am going to contact them so they can have this letter deleted if necessary.]


    I just want to say thank you for all you did during the year. You provided plenty of thrills, and smiles and you made going to the Rose Bowl that much more fun.

    So many times in the past 3 months, when our Bruin team was not exactly tearing it up on the field, you guys stepped it up and provided that spirit, that fire and got us the fans back in the “game” mode.

    Heather, thank you for replying to my messages, when you could have ignored them, those were some amazing flips, I can tell you were a gymnast. Your smile and your friendly hello before the games made it all much nicer to be at the Rose Bowl

    Elise, I didn’t get to really exchange a hello with you but once this year when you signed the picture for me but thank you for all your hard work and your energy in those routines and of course your beautiful smile.

    Michelle, I know we started on the wrong foot after I posted a comment that you considered negative on this sight, thanks for forgiving me, I was totally wrong about you, you are one classy young lady, and UCLA is totally blessed to have had you on the Dance team for 2 years. I know you graduate this year and there’s no doubt you will succeed in whatever you choose to do after UCLA, thank you and never lose that million dollar smile.

    Katie, from day one in your freshman year when I first saw you I knew that one day you would go down in Bruin Dance Team history as one of the classic and legendary members. I became an instant Katie fan and have always let you know on this websight. This year when I finally got to meet you before one of the games and engaged in small talk – in between the photo shootings – it made my day! You were so nice and so pleasant to talk to, and I came away a bigger “Katie fan” than before, thank you Katie for blessing us Bruin fans with your amazing smile and amazingly executed dance routines.

    Brianna, we took a picture together like three times, I hope you didn’t think I was stalking you! LOL may I say that you’re even more beautiful in the inside? I couldn not believe how nice and down to earth you are, I hope you plan on returning next year no, …. you better return. hehe

    Kristle, another beautiful and talented member, thank you, and you were also amazing.

    Kristin, thank you for 4 wonderful years, good luck to you after your graduation, you will also be remembered by all the Bruin fans by your beauty and talent.

    Lisa, Kara, Jaymie unfortunately I never had the pleasure to talk to you guys except for a hello when I took pictures with the Dance team before the game, but you girls rocked and made the Dance team better with your beauty and talent as well

    UCLA has been lucky to have not only the most beautiful Cheerleaders in college but also the most talented. Whitney and Chelsey are the first two Legendary Dance team members, no real Bruin fan can ever forget those two.

    But what makes this squad so special is that there are four members on this team that will be legends along side Whitney and Chelsey they are: Michelle, Elise, Brianna and Katie. I pesonally can’t imagine a more talented Dance team than this one. I know Michelle and Kristin are graduating, but I really hope everyone else returns next year.

    Thank you girls and God Bless you.

  3. Robert Avatar

    BTW what the hell are those usc cheerleader doing??? they look totally out of sync, how embarrassing! and can you say oink! oink!? And why do they wear pantyhose? are they hiding something? maybe some cottage cheese?

    [T-H’s Note: Hey — That’s not nice. Some of these girls are very lovely and fit, and by the way, your heroines on the Bruin Squad have worn nylons in the past as well.]

  4. Robert Avatar

    I know they have, mostly at basketball games but it’s deffinetely not because they’re hiding something, that’s for sure. Sorry, for my insensitive remark about the sc song girls but I’ve taken plenty of abuse from trojans the last couple of days.

  5. Waldorf Avatar

    Wait a minute. Robert wrote that Michelle is graduating in June!??!?! Man, that’s the worst news I’ve heard in a long, long, long time. The current global economic woes pale in comparison to not being able to see her smile next year. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy her beauty (and the other gals, too, of course) while it lasts!

  6. Robert Avatar

    Yes Waldorf, she is graduating, and I was just as sad as you are. You better enjoy her million dollar smile as much as you can. I also thought she was a sophomore, bummber. 🙁

  7. JP Avatar

    I agree. Win or lose on the filed, we will always have the best squad on the sidelines. The UCLA Dance Team has been represented by great girls these past few years. Whitney, Chelsey, sisters Kyra and Kylene, Katie, Elise, Brianna…and everyone else!!! UCLA has established a new dynasty.

  8. JosephineBruins Avatar

    Morell Presley is now a BRUIN!
    signed, sealed, delivered and he says he “ucla will make him a better football player and a BETTER MAN”
    yeah baby!