Would you like to see O.J. fade to black?

One-man Velveeta Mafia O.J. Simpson allegedly expands his crime repertoire to include Witness Tampering, but he gets ratted out, so his bail is revoked and he’s bottled up in a Las Vegas cell, possibly until his Kidnapping and Armed Robbery trial in April

Just when you start to wonder why O.J. Simpson is still the #1 Hero (and jersey-seller) of usc fans Worldwide, he goes and does something new that EPITOMIZES the trOJan mentality.

Two months ago at O.J.’s Kidnapping and Armed Robbery hearing, the Judge specifically warned O.J. not to communicate with his co-defendants, EVEN THROUGH A THIRD PARTY.  The Judge made that last part very clear to O.J., calling this potential third-party intermediary a “carrier pigeon.”

Obviously, this Judge is not aware of how trOJans respond to Rules.

Apparently, just TWO DAYS AFTER THE JUDGE’S ORDER, O.J. violated it.  He twice called his Bail Bondsman, Miguel, of (and this is NOT a joke) “You Ring, We Spring” Bail Bond Company, and told him to talk to one of his co-defendants, to complain about his testimony.  The tape of these two voice messages were released to authorities, POSSIBLY BY MIGUEL, and are available for public perusal.  They are full of profanities – an O.J. trademark – and they are attacking the other defendant for changing his story.

The little inset photos are actual cells in the prison where O.J. is being housed, but he probably won’t be there long.  Simpson’s lawyer has already pulled a great defense out of his rectum.  He is claiming that Miguel was previously a member of O.J.’s Defense Team – who has since “changed sides” – but who had no right to break privilege by turning the voice mails over to the Cops.  He says that Miguel was involved in investigations and other facets of the Simpson Defense before pulling a Norton and flip-flopping to be a Prosecution witness.  Sounds like the Judge will be forced to accept that attorney-client privilege explanation, and release O.J. from his incarceration, where he is currently separated from the general prison population.  Lucky for O.J. that he’s confined away from all the other criminal scumbags. as one might be a Notre Dame fan (a Priest, maybe?) with a grudge, who could have turned O.J. into a REAL SOPRANO.  On this coming Wednesday, O.J. will go to Court to see if he can skate once again… at least until his April 7th trial date, for a case that carries 50 years in Prison as a possible outcome.

As if his failed attempt at Witness Tampering isn’t enough to prove that Simpson isn’t exactly a “WISEguy” or a “Goodfella,” how about the fact that while being escorted to jail, he was seen at the Airport ELBOWING A YOUNG GIRL OUT OF HIS WAY.  Not the worst thing he’s ever done to a young girl (duh), but just another brick in the wall of Simpson/trOJan arrogance and attitude and complete lack of Class.

Getting back to O.J.’s complete disrespect for the Rules, it is now being reported that he went TO THE BAHAMAS for Christmas, which is apparently ANOTHER violation of the terms of his Bail agreement.  Talk about total disregard for authority… Every time O.J. does something like this, Fred Goldman must regret not hiring a Hitman 10 years ago, because it all just flaunts the fact that O.J. got away with Murder.  And more “proof” that O.J. is so damn proud of beating the rap (besides his Confession Book), is the fact that the whole entire Robbery Plan was designed to get back the exact SUIT that O.J. was WEARING WHEN HE GOT ACQUITTED.

 All this Simpson publicity comes at a perfect time — They are releasing “Tarnished Heisman” next week.  The book about Bushgate, with hard evidence about Reggie Bush’s transgressions and sc’s obvious knowledge, is all over the ‘Net right now, as they are already releasing entire excerpts.  The testimonies are so damning, that Pete Carroll has NOT shunned the Atlanta Falcons yet, because he knows that only a completely corrupt NCAA could turn a blind eye to this.  You can tell from the statements of some ancillary people that cash was changing hands and Reggie wasn’t shy about it.  Since the standard for USC to be in trouble too is that they SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, well, there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.  It is fairly clear that they had outright knowledge, but there is no doubt that the evidence was swirling all around them like a sh!tstorm.

The trOJan apologists like TV on Bruinzone are completely out of their minds.  It is a textbook example of denial, the way they believe that a Control Freak like Pete Carroll might have NOT been privy to all these illegal shenanigans.  What a total load of bullsh!t.  How can anyone be that naive?  Bush cheated, and everyone in Cyberspace knew it, WHILE it was going on.  Do you really think that Carroll never eyeballed Bush’s diamond earrings?  Bush’s Dad was a High School Security Guard!!!  How many glorified janitors do YOU know that buy their kids brand new Impalas and give them bundles of cash to Pimp it out?  And for the last time, do you really think that Carroll knew nothing of his Star Player’s luxurious riches?  It wasn’t like Bush was hiding it all from him — He figured that he was untouchable.

Speaking of Bruinzone, there is a thread there on the Basketball Forum to which we would like to add the following, VERY UNPOPULAR, and politically-incorrect comment.  It is about the Blue-haired fan who jumps around at Pauley trying to distract opposing Free Throw shooters.  The thread talked about this guy’s “aphasia,” and how wonderful it is that he has become a de facto mascot for the team, despite his disability.  Well…

While we are very sorry for the guy and his family, and we wish him health and happiness, we do NOT want him as anything close to an Official Bruin Cheerleader.  In our opinion, he should be confined to his own seat area, where he can cheer and wave towels and wave his arms.  He should not be allowed to roam the baselines, running around with carte blanche.  Let Pete Carroll rear the human-interest stories like Ricky while the soft-journalists eat it up — But we don’t need the National Face of the UCLA Bruins to be a mentally-challenged guy (no matter what a great and admirable guy he is).  This is the cutthroat World of College Sports, where opponents show no mercy.  No reason to give them such an easy target.  Just because it would be totally classless for the trojans to call our “mascot” a “‘tard,” doesn’t mean that we want to invite it or have to weather it.

 We have nothing against the mentally-challenged (despite what we just worte);  We have nothing seriously against Flaming Homosexuals either, but we wouldn’t want a Flaming Homosexual to be getting hundreds of close-ups on National TV representing UCLA fans.  Maybe at the Doo-dah Parade, but not in the predominantly Macho and Hetero World of Rivalry Sports, where there is just too much sh!t to be TAKEN over it.   There are other, more appropriate and less vulnerable places where you can make your stand to help the Disabled.  The fact that someone compared this poor guy favorably with legendary Alumni Cheerleader Geof Strand, and even with the Juggler from a couple of years ago, makes us sick, and even though we SWEAR that we have nothing PERSONAL against the Baseline Blue Wig man (not to be confused with Christ-o, who dons his wig in the Student Section), we still think that the comparison is an INSULT, especially to Geof, although we DOUBT that he (or hardly anyone else) would agree with us.  Geof probably loves that guy, just for his raw enthusiasm.  Sorry, but because image is everything, we don’t. 

Now, to continue what has to be our longest article in ages… Khalil Bell’s Heisman Hopes just got kicked up a notch, when BAM, the Razorbacks’ Darren McFadden  declared for the NFL Draft yesterday.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see McFadden have success on Sundays, but more like the Bears’ Adrian Peterson, if not the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson.  That’s still not bad, and would certainly validate the premature leap of faith.  And a leap of faith is exactly what we are asking you to take with our “Bell for Heisman” campaign.  We’re thinking that opposing Defenses will always try to stop Neuheisel’s AIR attack, leaving the Running Lanes open for business.  Also, the fact that Neuheisel’s teams have had decling Rushing totals every year will motivate him to commit to running the ball this season.  While we would LOVE to see a new gamebreaker emerge (Raymond Carter, Milton Knox?), we wouldn’t be surprised -or horribly disappointed – if Bell is the workhorse.  Perhaps he can be the Thunder in a LenDale White/Reggie Bush Thunder and Lightning combination.  That would be better than if Bell’s the Lightning and Moline’s the Thunder, and THAT somewhat-less-than-exciting possibility still remains.


We are overjoyed to report that, according to the local NBC affiliate, the Directors Guild of America is done waiting, and will start negotiating with the Producers TODAY.  The Writers wanted the DGA to wait, but the DGA doesn’t make a habit of being told how and when to do ANYTHING, let alone negotiate their new contract.

So the DGA will now take the lead, and after 18 months of preparation, their legendary negotiating experts are confident that an agreement will be reached in a reasonable timeframe.

If the DGA does indeed SAVE this City’s economy, everyone should stop, say “Thanks,” and maybe go see a movie (and stay for all the credits).