Oh, won’t you STAAA-A-AY, just a little bit longer?

Get Back!  Get Back!  Get back to where you once belonged.

Baby please don’t go:  “Wooden it be nice” if Kevin & Co. all came back to Win One for The Wizard?

Get back, pack, do it again.

Memphis Coach John Calipari called his team “The Dream Team,” until they choked away the National Championship.  So that title is once again up for grabs, and if the improbable occurs, it will belong to the Bruins.

With a heralded incoming class of Freshmen, the Bruins are expected to be pretty good in the post-Love Era, but if Love sticks around for another year, and convinces everyone else to do the same, they might lose two less games than Memphis lost this year.  The Bruins’ Second String would be a Sweet 16 team all by themselves, and with 5 returning Starters from the Final Four, Ben Howland’s team would be unstoppable.  They would probably be the Preseason #1, Love would win the Wooden Award, Howland would get that National Championship that he deserves, and John Wooden would get to see the Bruins back where he put them, back where they belong — At the top.

Speaking of Fun, Fun, Fun — Wouldn’t dominating the Nation as an All-Bruin All-American Team be more fun than struggling to break into a Pro rotation as a green Rookie?  Wouldn’t it be more fun to shut up all those East Coast ESPN pundits who think Howland’s system and UCLA’s lack of athleticism will never afford the Bruins another Title?

And to re-emphasize:  Love, Collison, and Westbrook could ALL be All-Americans, all on one team!  When was the last time THAT happened?  Okay, Florida last year, but we all know how THEY did.  Okay, let’s say Shipp is reborn, or Jrue Holiday is Kobe II.  Then the Bruins will have FOUR All-Americans.  Now when’s the last time THAT’S happened?

The point is, Kevin and Darren and maybe Russell can spend the whole year next season being treated like Basketball Royalty – on a National Level – and rightfully so.  They will get so much Press, and the team will be so powerful, that their individual stock will only go UP.  Also, many experts predict next year’s NBA Draft to be much LESS stocked than this year’s, so waiting could actually be financially prudent.

But the main reason to stay is to enjoy LIFE and youth while you can.  You will never get a chance to go back in time and be a teenager surrounded by the beautiful scenery of UCLA…

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  1. MrCoolbreeze Avatar

    More Brianna pics…NICE!!!

  2. Kacey Avatar

    Great article and photos!

    Couldn’t agree more!

    Hopefully, it will happen!