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Pity Ducks:  Oregon and their top-flight Cheerleaders are coming, but the game is not anti-climactic, since the Ducks’ starting QB is injured, while UCLA’s Starting QB is back

From a certain loss, to an epic battle.

That’s what happens when you lose or gain a QB, the most important player on any team.  The Ducks had won 4 straight, on the strength of the legs of their nimble Quarterback, Jeremiah Masoli, and were expected to give the struggling Bruin D fits all day.  In addition, the Bruins’ Offense has been floundering under the leadership of back-up QB Kevin Craft.  But what a difference a week makes.  Now Masoli is injured and may not be on the field on Saturday, while the Bruins’ Kevin Prince has been cleared to play by Doctors, and named the Starter by the Coaches.  The pointspread just went from 6.5 to 3.5.

For the people who thought Craft would remain the Starter when Prince returned, it looks like you are incorrect.  For those of us who have been eagerly awaiting Prince’s return to health, it looks like we get our wish.  And to make matters even more pleasant, Richard Brehaut has been elevated over Craft as well, up to #2 on the depth chart.

Don’t expect miracles from Prince, who will understandably be rusty, but a rusty Prince is better than a well-oiled pauper.  The play-calling should improve from the conservative gameplan of the last two games, reflecting the staff’s confidence in Prince’s ability to heave the ball downfield, and that fact alone is enough to stimulate Bruin fans.

With Masoli out, the Bruins’ D will still have their work cut out for them.  Even though Oregon is also without their star Tailback (who got suspended for going nuts in Boise), the Ducks’ misdirection scheme will confound UCLA’s defenders, even more than KSU’s Offense did.  The Bruins admitted after that game that they didn’t always know where the ball was going, or even who had the ball at any given moment.  Oregon is the best at deception, and even though the back-up QB is not exceptionably mobile, the confusion factor will still allow the Ducks to put lots of points on the board.  And that is especially true if the Bruins don’t improve on their lackluster effort last week in Palo Alto.  Hopefully, a healthier unit will come together and be solid against the Ducks.

One thing is for sure:  There will be plenty to see when the Ducks (and their Cheerleaders) take the field on Saturday, and if the Bruins can come out on top on the field (like they will on the sidelines), then the Bruins will be 4-1, and on the verge of a halfway-decent season.

 All that and a bag O chips?

Let the Cheer Wars begin…i.e. BRING IT ON 5!

O e O, e OOOOOO!  O e O, e OOOOO!  (Where’s my flying monkey when I need him?)

If you get her in a hot tub, do you have Duck Soup?

Okay, that’s it for today.  Time to duck on out of here (or, time to get the Duck out of here).

"O-GASMIC" was published on October 8th, 2009 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "O-GASMIC": 4 Comments

  1. SVCA to SCMO wrote,

    I am thoroughly confused by Neuheisal’s actions! First, he names Brehaut the #2 quarterback, then has Craft jump over him to start 2 games. Craft appears to have played better than what was likely expected of him in those 2 games, yet gets demoted back to #3?

    What the f is Neuheisal thinking? If Brehaut is truly the #2, why didn’t HE start those two games? Was he hurt?

  2. RR wrote,

    Word is that the reason Brehaut didn’t get the start because it was against Norm Chow’s wishes, and that Brehaut doesn’t fully comprehend the offense yet.

    Just glad that Prince is back. Craft still makes me cringe every time he throws one up.

  3. D. Parkhouse wrote,

    Chow and Neuheisal are sacrificing the season to make a point that Prince is the Man. Too bad they didn’t build on experience last spring ball and develop Craft who has all the skills needed to give them a better chance at winning. Craft did a great job considering the circumstances against Kansas St. and Stanford. Last year he had no experienced OLine, receivers, or running backs or they were injured and he took the blame. Who will they blame this year when they lose all the rest of their games?

    [T-H’s Note: I totally disagree with you. Prince as a green Freshman is still better than Senior Craft, not just for the future, but for the present as well. Brehaut also deserves more pt than Craft, right now. I would be content if Craft never takes another snap. For some reason, the team just does not rally around Craft like they do for the Frosh. It’s not right to tell a team that they have to follow a leader who can’t motivate them to play hard, and for whom they have no confidence. And by the way, Craft — even though he is a trooper and a psychological and physical WARRIOR — did NOTHING skill-wise against KSU or Stanford that makes me want to see him behind Center for UCLA ever again. Also, for future reference, Neuheisel is spelled with 3 “e’s,” no “a.” And one last comment: On Bruin Zone message board, only 2 people out of 100 agree with you, and (no offense) but those two are the board laughingstocks: One is a braindead, Limbaugh-loving racist hick, and the other one is a universally-despised lunatic.]

  4. dpark wrote,

    Prince didn’t have the wow factor last spring when I first saw him + he still doesn’t have it. TH you’re deluding yourself. Well there’s always next year but will Prince be on his mission then?

    [T-H’s Note: Deluding myself? I’ve seen him practice many times, and compared to Craft, I’d say there IS a tiny bit of “Wow factor.” He may not be Aikman or McNown, but he’s still got “something” that Craft lacks. Of course, BEN OLSON looked amazing at times, but it ALMOST never translated to success on the real field of play (except for one Stanford game, and one Utah game, I believe). So, I admit that our Crespi Critter may not be the cat’s pajamas, but I still think he has the potential to get us to a Bowl game, and next year, a GOOD Bowl game. And, I think that Neuheisel will talk him out of going on a mission at this time, IF the Bruins NEED him, but that’s just me making a wild speculation based on NO inside info (as usual).]

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