“Old Men” got the Gold Men, but some trophies are even harder to attain.

HOORAY FOR MOLLIE-WOOD! — Hollywood’s Elite give Coen Brothers multiple Big O’s;  Mollie-wood’s Elite give Bruin Brothers multiple Big “Whoa’s” in bang-up pre-game rituals that make the Basketball games almost anticlimactic (and we aren’t faking)

Easy, basketball purists, we said “almost.”  But if anything could ever steal the thunder of a UCLA Basketball Game, it’s getting to be close up and personal with Mollie’s painstakingly-selected GROUP of sweet, gorgeous young Women (and Men) who should, by all rites, be modeling on TV or in famous catalogues.  And if they WERE modeling, the signatures that they are currently doling out for free (you DO have to buy a calendar or poster) would be going for top dollar on eBay.  But the way it is, you or your kids get to KEEP the signed poster yourselves.  And we BET you that at least one person from the current squad will become a respected celebrity, who ends up signing a lot more autographs over the years.  We don’t want to gush any more after yesterday, but perhaps the resident choreographer would be a likely candidate.

After watching the big Award Show, whose trademarked name is not supposed to be used freely by Media outlets without permission – just like the big NFL Football Championship Game – the concept of talent was top of mind.  Jon Stewart hosted the show, and was witty, but didn’t overdo it.  His joke about Barack Hussein Obama NOT following in the footsteps (GOOSE-steps?) of 1940’s wannabe Politician “Gaydolf Titler” was pretty amusing.  And before Stewart even took the stage for his opening monolog, they showed a vivid CGI short that melded all sorts of iconic Film Greats and Quotes into a crisp, 3-D-like High-Definition video.  Very cool.

Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for his amazing performance in “There Will Be Blood,” a beautifully-shot film whose plot and pacing failed to live up to the standards set by the lead Actor and Cinematographer, fittingly the only two people from that film to win their categories.

But the night belonged to the Coens, who won for Film, Directing, and Writing.  Once again, the DGA Award has correctly predicted the Best Film winner, which is extra-appropriate this year, since the DGA just fixed the Strike, by reaching a landmark agreement that paved the way for the WGA’s subsequent agreement.

But since we haven’t seen the winning film yet, we will wear the Coen of Silence on this one, and instead, talk about another Art Form that is worthy of International acclaim.  And of course, we are speaking of the Bruin Spirit Squad.  Today’s 21-shot installment continues the trend of not cropping out the Male squadmembers, and by the way, we still intend to honor those guys with a pictorial more of their own, but not until we share all the “must-see” shots of the Girls, from Saturday.  However, there is one in here today that could be red-FLAGGED,  that is really just for RYAN.  We were GOING to say that we hope he appreciates it, but we already know, from prior experience, that he is one of the most appreciative guys that we have ever met, so there is no doubt that he will.

Ya think this guy joined the Hair Club for Men the next day?

Did he just ask her out?  Then it really WOULD be “NO” Country for Old Men.

Look up “waxing nostalgic” in the dictionary, and you might find this photo.

This is probably the happiest this guy has ever been that he owns a camera

Who let the guy from “American Chopper” into the Student Store?

All right.  Now THIS guy needs to remove his hand from that chair (or prepare to lose it).

We thank God every day that these girls “stayed off the pole.”

Momentum-changer:  The aftermath of Russell’s huge dunk that kicked the Bruins into gear

WARNING:  Prolonged exposure to this photo may cause shortness of breath/hyperventilation, light-headedness, and/or heart palpitations (or is that just me?)

We’ve always said that they absolutely GLOW, and now we have UN-doctored PROOF:  Check out the aura in the center of the photo

It looks like that guy just told her she won an “Oscar,” but sadly, he didn’t mean the little statuette that she is invisioning

UCLA’s Stage Managers are attractive enough to be other schools’ Cheerleaders, and for UCLA’s Cheerleaders, the sky’s the limit

Surprisingly, this is for us;  This is NOT the shot “meant for Ryan,” although he does look pretty cool here…

…THIS is the Ryan shot.  If it were US, we’d make this our Desktop Wallpaper, and maybe our Christmas Card.

It’s Raining (Wo)Men

Like Gold Bars in Fort Knox, these precious, natural, National treasures are in good hands.

I proposed during Oscar Night.  I came home in a Tuxedo, with a golden-sealed envelope (from the Propmaster on “The Pretender”) and declared that the winner was me, before handing a gold statuette to her, pulling it away, breaking it open, going down to one knee to get the ring that fell out, and popping the question.  Having previously told her to get dressed up for an Oscar Party, all she said when I proposed was:  Does this mean there’s no Oscar Party?

Could it be that the Refs are so JEALOUS of the guys who go to UCLA (thanks to the unparalleled co-eds), that they tend to subconsciously lean the other way on close calls?

We took over 750 photographs on Saturday (and NO, Katie Wee wasn’t in more than 720 of them!!) - If we had to pay for “developing,” we’d have declared bankruptcy a long time ago.  Instead, we’re just rolling in the “D’oh!”

Down in Front!  For the last time:  This is NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN to block our view.




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  1. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    Oh, YES!! nice pictures, specially those featuring my favorite girls Katie and Elyse – they are so dreeeamy!! 🙂