Now THAT’S using your ‘Ed

Heady Howland happily hires historic hero Tyus Edney as UCLA’s new Director of Men’s Basketball Operations

Infusing NCAA Championship blood into your Program is usually a smart choice, and that is the choice that UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland has made this week. by adding Bruin Champion Tyus Edney to his Staff.

Edney, whose 4.8-second dash to a buzzer-beater in the second-round against Missouri allowed UCLA to go on to the 1995 National Title, will now have the Title of Director of Men’s Basketball Operations.  Edney already knows the x’s and o’s of on-court strategy;  Now he has to learn the x’s and o’s of off-the-court strategy.  He has to acquaint himself with all the complex and restrictive rules of the NCAA, and with all the in’s and out’s of University and Athletic Department protocol.  This position seems like an excellent opportunity in which to learn all this stuff, without any pressure.  Once he becomes proficient in the administrative (and bureaucratic) side of the “business,” he could advance to EITHER an Asistant Coach for Howland, or possibly a position on Athletic Director Dan Guerrero’s Staff.  Hopefully, he won’t take his new knowledge and flee to a smaller school as a Head Coach.

As of now, Edney will have daily interactions with current Bruin players (according to Howland), which can only have a positive impact — His iconic March Madness heroics, which CBS replays repeatedly every March, give him instant credibility and respectability. 

In addition to his 4.8 seconds of fame, Edney also had an illustrious career at UCLA, finishing 2nd in All-Time Assists, and went on to play a few years in the NBA.  He also starred in Europe, where he added another Championship to his resume.

As the Steely Dan song goes:  “They got a name for the Winners in this world…”  and the Bruins now have a steely Winner named Tyus back in the fold.  The confidence and success that Edney exudes should immediately start to rub off on the Bruins, who were destined to improve this year anyway, but now, might even start to get some swagger back.      


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  1. JosephineBruin Avatar

    Welcome back Tyus EDNEY!!! So happy you’re on staff and we get to see you more often.