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One White Makes a Wrong — Ex-trojan Lonnie White confesses to taking $14,000 in cash to play for U$C

U$C had been cheating for a long time before Reggie Bush ever came to town, and now, more first-hand proof bears that out.  Former trojan(-for-life?) and apparent Media Whore Lonnie White has suddenly sold out his school, and admitted to the Press that while he was playing for SC, he routinely received BAGS OF CASH from a MONEY MAN, whom he was introduced to by his older brother, ALSO a former trojan player.

White says that he used to meet up with the mystery man in the middle of the night in deserted parking lots, and receive brown sacks loaded with cash.  White says that he sometimes gave up signed footballs and memorabilia, as well as season tickets to trojan football games, in order to insure these payoffs.

White doesn’t implicate any other trojan players by name, EXCEPT HIS OWN BROTHER, but he does insist that he knew many others who were doing the same thing. Unfortunately, the 4-year Statute of Limitations doesn’t allow SC to be punished for these violations that took place between 1982 and 1986 (and earlier, when older brother Timmy White was playing there), but it just adds to the well-earned REPUTATION the trojans have had for decades that they flaunt every rule, and will cheat in any way they can, just to try to succeed on the gridiron.

Lonnie White has NOTHING TO GAIN by abruptly confessing to these sins.  He is NOT pimping a new book, and he has not suddenly  “found religion.”  Sure, he gets his name in the paper, and gets to bask in the spotlight, which is usually nice for a has-been (or actually, a “never-was”).  But when the publicity is undeniably all BAD, even a total Media Whore wouldn’t LIE to attain it, would he?  Especially when he’s going to gain the overwhelming HATRED of the entire trojan nation?

Based on White’s TWENTY-ONE years as a so-called Writer for the L.A. Times, he was always a TRUE trojan, whose only agenda was to promote USC and denigrate UCLA at every turn.  His shamelessly biased reporting and lack of journalistic integrity was legendary, right up until the day he stopped spewing his garbage that truly EARNED the Paper the title of “Trojan Times.”  So if you think that he has some ulterior, anti-SC motive for “coming clean,” it was never substantiated by anything he ever said or did publicly in the past.  Maybe after losing his sweet gig at the Times, he went to SC to be a Coach or to work in the Athletic Department, but they weren’t interested in him taking his talents to South Central.

I’m sure many of you will have the knee-jerk reaction to say that this sort of violation happened — and still happens — at every school, all the time.  Perhaps, to a certain extent, that is true.  But based on the facts uncovered by confessions and investigations, the problem was obvioulsy way more rampant. and more blatant, at U$C.  Passed along from family member to family member, the reputation was so well-known, that it attracted the criminal element to SC for generations and generations, and will probably never end.  These big money supporters don’t care about getting busted, or about sanctions — all they care about is winning — even if the wins are later vacated due to their widespread cheating.

"NOT-SO-LITTLE WHITE LIE" was published on June 23rd, 2011 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

Comments on "NOT-SO-LITTLE WHITE LIE": 3 Comments

  1. Impgard wrote,

    Better add him to the list of Infamous Trojans. In truth, Trojans getting paid is no surprise…still goes on today. I wonder if anyone over at USC figured out what was going on with Joe McKnight and his baby momma’s car that was parked in front of the entrance to their practice field.

  2. fastfreddie wrote,

    $14K must have been a 3rd stringer, going rate at u$c is $50,000.

  3. dswenson wrote,

    And, look at what AD St. Pat Haden said a week ago. He thinks that athletes should be paid to play sports because they just can’t pay for food, housing, etc. in college. What about those paying for their food, housing and tuition? CHEAT ON! And, who better than Pat Haden to know about cheating. He learned from the best one – John Mc Kay! Mc Kay makes Cheatey Petey look like an amateur.

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