Chow, chow, ciao!

On this Sunday, you can get the skinny from the Nation’s Best O.C. while you chow down on finger food, and chew the fat with the Nation’s Best Spirit Squad;  The UCLA Cheerleaders are fat-free, but I can’t vouch for the appetizers

From Norm’s duties to swarms of dorm cuties, there will be plenty to take in on this Sunday, April 11th, from 4p-6p at James West Alumni Center at UCLA.  That is when the UCLA Spirit Squad is holding their Fan Afternoon Reception, where Norm Chow and Rick Neuheisel will speak, hors d’oeuvres will be served, and the Spirit Squad will socialize.

There will also be drawings for prizes and a silent auction, for items like a John Wooden-signed basketball.  No, there will be no Geno Auriemma or Mike Krzyzewski-signed memorabilia (or at least I hope there’s not).  It should be an amazing afternoon of Football, friendliness, and fantasy.  And the best part is that it should be a somewhat intimate gathering — The $100, tax-deductible cost ($75 for Alumni Assoc. members) will keep out almost all of the riff-raff, and should allow for some one-on-one face time with the cheerleaders who have been keeping your spirits up all year long.

If you think that I’ve been pouring it on pretty thick while trying to promote this event, just keep in mind:  I have NOTHING to gain from increased attendance.  I just want to help the Squad with their fundraising, since their beautiful images have helped me disseminate my anti-sc agenda to so many more people.  Also, because Mollie and a few of her students have been so nice to me, and because I think they need and deserve the support.   

And speaking of their striking images, here are 11 “three-shots,” in honor of there being only 3 days before the big shindig.  If you click on the photos, you can Zoom in, and if you mouse-over the pic, a hidden caption will pop up.  Today, the captions are about wishful thinking for the Reception.

And here’s the Official link for the Reception — RSVP today, and help support the Bruins.

I’m hoping for roving waitresses with trays of hot, catered goodies, like Egg Rolls…

…or, how about Mini-quesadillas?

Swedish Meatballs or Chicken Teriyaki Sticks would be good choices.

Crab-stuffed mushrooms?  Chocolate fountains?  Swan ice sculptures?

I hope Norm Chow announces a 10-year contract extension.

I hope an NBA Bruin is there, to donate a million dollars to the Spirit Squad.

I hope no one wears red.

I hope the “special performance” is actually the Spirit Squad in action, but it could be another act.

I just wish it could be for more than two hours.

I hope the girls are looking forward to this event, and not dreading it.

Last one for today — I hope you’ve been enjoying this impromptu countdown.  It’s hard to tell without any comments.



  1. Sparky Avatar

    Well, let’s see, 8 pictures with Brianna in them, just today. Have we been enjoying them??? HMMMMMMM, let me think. I’d say it’s a resounding YES and the reason you haven’t seen many comments lately is because we are all stunned speechless (and type-less) by the quality of your pictures and the subjects you present. Please keep them coming up to the event. (OH yeah, and well beyond if you will). (As a matter of fact, I’d love to see a recurring theme for the next several years. How about photos of the future squads along with a few photos of Brianna, Kate, Michelle, and any others from last years squads just to show how special these few years have been. Is that too much to ask????)

    If not, as has been suggested before, there’s a growing market for a DVD of all the photos. Food for thought.

  2. BL Avatar

    Guessing you didn’t have “three-shots” of the Cheer Squad either? Will tomorrow’s “two-shots” and Saturdays’ “single-shots” will be only Cheer? Maybe?? Thanksssss!!!

  3. JP Avatar

    Hey T-H, since you’re in with the Spirit, will you be covering the audition process this year? Some legendary members are leaving this year, namely Brianna, Elise and Katie, and it’s gonna be tough to replace them. I’m sure Mollie will reload with upstanding new members the while Bruin community can be proud of, but I’m still nervous. The UCLA Dance Team has emerged as the preeminent squad in the country for this decade.

    [T-H’s Note: Yeah, as long as I’m not away on location, I’ll follow along and report back. But I have no worries, and total confidence in Mollie.]

  4. Robert Avatar

    So long, Elise, Brianna, Michelle and my ALL-TIME favorite – Katie 🙂