Mr. Ed Orgeron and Long-faced Lane Kiffin jockey for position away from the Garza scandal, Matt “Pick 6” Barkley gets whipped but climbs back in the saddle by repeating his “Burfict is dirty” claim, and T.J. McDonald goes to great lengths to glorify his Trifecta of low-class Personal Fouls that could have left three players handicapped

When it comes to winning the purse for “Most Full of Horsesh!t” at u$c, it is a photo finish.  At least there will be no “Run for the Roses” for any trojans this season, as they continue to ride out their sanctions.

Just like when Mitch Mustain denied trying to compete with a flourishing canada online pharmacy, the trojan reputation for skirting accountability spiked this week, when four different trojans showed their true O.J.U. colors, by DENYING RESPONSIBILTY for their alleged SCumbag behavior.

It all started back in Knoxville a few years ago, when current trojan Head Coach Lane Kiffin was the top man for the Tennessee Vols.  One of his assistants, Willie Mack Garza, wired $1,500 to Will Lyles, to pay for Lache Seastrunk — the Nation’s top recruit — to fly in from Texas for an unofficial visit to the University of Tennessee.

Will Lyles is a shady figure being investigated by the NCAA for his role is unethically steering various highly-coveted high school players to certain colleges, and just days after that NCAA investigation brought Lyles under suspicion, Garza suddenly QUIT his job as Kiffin’s Assistant at sc.  He said that the reason was personal matters “unrelated to usc.”  And now we find out that he was telling the truth:  His reason wasn’t related to sc, DIRECTLY, but it WAS related to Lane Kiffin, and it was ALL ABOUT violating NCAA regulations, while working under Kiffin’s direct supervision.

Kiffin had just been SPARED punishment for his repeated violations at Tennessee, when the NCAA decided the transgressions weren’t bad enough for the punishments to cross the Country and be applied to the Coach at a different school.  But now, since a $1,500 illegal payout (schools are specifically prohibited from paying a high school Junior’s way for an UNofficial visit) should be considered somewhat more than a minor offense, Kiffin and usc may possibly be targeted for sanctions once again.

And since Kiffin knows that fact, he claims that he didn’t know any of the facts of the specific case.  He insists that Garza was acting on his own, without Kiffin’s knowledge.  Riiiiiight… just like Pete Carroll didn’t know about all the payouts to Reggie Bush, or all the steroids being allegedly injected by Brandon Hancock, Brian Cushing, and all the other freaks of nature who suddenly added 100% more bulk to their physiques practically overnight.

Do you really think that Garza had the juice, authority, or desire to spend $1,500 of his own money, without the knowledge that someone from the staff would be reimbursing him?  It seems only logical that the boss would be in on this decision to try to lure the #1 prospect in the Country to Knoxville.  And what about the team’s Director of Recruiting at the time, Ed Orgeron, who now holds the same title at usc?  Do you think he was, just possibly, in the loop?  Well, guess what?  He too denies all knowledge of the entire affair.  Orgeron, Kiffin, and usc are just completely throwing fall guy Garza under the short bus.

Usc Athletic Director Pat Haden is supposed to be a really smart guy — a Rhodes Scholar — but Pat is pretending to believe Kiffin and Orgeron, giving them nothing but unqualified support, whining about how they have behaved completely ethically since arriving back at usc.  Do you really think that Haden is this gullible?  Or, is he just doing what he has to, to try to save face for his beleaguered program?  And if that is the case, he is just a big liar, just like his full-of-crap employees.  You would think after the trojans looked so poorly-coached in their loss at ASU last week, Haden would capitalize on this latest scandal to dump Kiffin and get a decent football Coach… especially when you consider how Kiffin’s two star players both embarrassed the school last week, one off the field, and one on the field.

Matt Barkley was Officially reprimanded by the Pac-12, for violating Conference standards with his accusations about ASU’s Vontaze Burfict being a dirty player.  Even though the claim may have merit, it’s just not something a SMART person blurts to the Press the week before a game.  Burfict got his revenge with a huge Interception of Barkley, and with a blowout win over the trojans, but the Pac-12 really rubbed Barkley’s face in it, by Nationally humiliating him for being classless.

Barkley was pressured  to try to apologize, but in true trojan fashion, he couldn’t do that with any sense of sincerity.  He instead claimed that his comment was taken out of context, trying to deflect blame onto the reporters.  He futilely tried to add that Burfict is a “wonderful” player, but he followed up that statement by saying that he still stands by his original statement, insisting that it is “still true” that Burfict is dirty.  What kind of “apology” is that?  Shouldn’t he be reprimanded AGAIN, and perhaps suspended for a game?  Isn’t he just thumbing his nose at the Pac-12 by reiterating his statement?

And just to further drive up the irony level, in the game against the “dirty” Sun Devil, Barkley’s teammate T.J. McDonald got flagged THREE separate times for taking cheap shots at ASU players.  And just like Kiffin, Orgeron, Barkley, Mustain, and O.J. Simpson, not only did McDonald deny any wrongdoing, he also tried to excuse his heinous acts.  McDonald said that “you know Football is dangerous when you sign up to play, and if you don’t want to get hit, get out of the way.”  So once again, the RULES don’t apply to trojans, who can spear people in the head, and attack players who are out of bounds, after the whistle has blown.  Breaking the rules in order to deliver pain, injury, and intimidation are all just part of the game when you play for usc.  Here’s another guy who should be suspended for talking smack.  They suspended Marc Tyler for admitting that trojans get PAID to play, but they let McDonald get off unscathed when he announces that injuring opponents is an acceptable goal?  Does HE also think that Burfict is dirty, or just an ideal role model?

Haden is supposed to be cleaning up the program, but in actuality, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  The Coaches are still full of B.S., cheating and lying about it, while training their players to do the same.  Kiffin and company are cultivating the same attitude that saw Carroll bail right before the sanctions hit, and got Mike Garrett run out of town.  The Star QB breaks conference standards, and refuses to make amends, and the Star D-Back nearly breaks some skulls, and pats himself on the back for it.  Meanwhile, the Coaches who probably orchestrated an atmosphere of recruiting violations at Tennessee blame it all on their point man, who most likely was just following orders.  It’s just another week at usc.






























The following is the prize in the BZ Pool for the last-place finisher, with “loser” spelled wrong intentionally, to poke fun at all the people who constantly spell it wrong on the message board.



  1. fastfreddie Avatar

    Excellent article, It’s just amazing how much shit sc gets away with.

  2. Robert Avatar

    Screw the cheaters! I hope they get pounded by Arizona to

  3. dswenson Avatar

    Haden is just as lousy as the rest of the trOJans. He learned from one of the best cheaters anywhere, even better than Cheaty Petey, John Mc Kay. Haden wants $c to be tops no matter if they have to cheat to get or stay there. And, he is just the guy to have dumb people have faith in. He is NO SAINT! He is as dirty as they come but tries to act like he is trying to clean things up. Another, SCumbag.

    As far as cabana boy Barkley goes, he is a true SCumbag. I wish someone would erase that smirk from his face and soon. OJ, oh, excuse me, TJ McDonald is one of the dirtiest players since Mauluga (not sure of spelling). $c boys don’t care whom they hurt as long as they are out of the game.

    I wish they would get reamed by the NCAA but no chance.

  4. Ken Avatar

    This may sound terrible, but so be it. I would not feel sorry for OJ McDonald if he were to get physically injured [during one of] his cheap shots.

    Does he even know how to read?

    I guess that’s not required of him or others at U$C (but ballroom dancing is).