I said “Rigged Election” — Forget the polls, ignore the projections, and disregard your red or blue affiliations — The “Decision 2012” is that UCLA Spirit wins in a landslide

Even trojan fans have come to terms with the reality that the UCLA Spirit Squad is the Commander-in-Chief of the Cheerleading World.  It’s been at least two Presidential terms since anyone even THOUGHT to argue the point.  Even hanging chads, confusing ballots, fraudulent voter registration, voter id cards, and rigged voting machines can’t change the result:  The Bruins dominate the Popular Vote.  The only thing left to say is “Four More Years!”

Below are 30 more brand new UCLA Cheerleader photos (from the Oregon State game), each one a perfect candidate for your new Desktop Wallpaper.  Click on the horizontal ones to ZOOM IN/enlarge.


2 responses to “NO DEBATE”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    They got my vote! If only there was a “sample” ballot! GO BRUINS!

  2. JP Avatar

    The UCLA Dance Team is now one our best dynasties. Caroline is really representing this year.