Pour Some Sugar On Me:  As a follow-up to the previous, honey-rific pictorial, here are 35 more ungranulated UCLA Cheerleader photos to hit you right in the Sweet Spot

Bruin Football fans have a sour taste in their mouths after consecutive blowouts, so it’s time to ask:  One lump or two?  It’s hard to stay refined these days, but instead of breaking down all the problems that Rick Neuheisel faces (or “caused,” depending on your point of view) — like the inability of his players to allegedly lay off the ganja, I’ll just continue to share some photos of the smoking-hot UCLA Spirit Squad.  Even though the season has not completely gone up in smoke, I still prefer to post the photos, and leave the whiny critiquing to others.

A win over Nationally-ranked Arizona on Saturday could stop a little of the bitching, although I don’t know ANYONE who expects that victory to materialize.  And it would be nice to say that at least I’ll get another 500 Cheerleader photos to publish over the next few weeks, but apparently God is an evil trojan… because RAIN is predicted, and it’s hard to get good photos in a downpour.  With a NON-water-proof camera, a heavy cloud cover blocking the sunlight even if the showers hold off, and with the Dance Team potentially wearing windbreakers over their uniforms, the chance of capturing their beauty is about the same as Richard Brehaut leading the Bruins to a win over the #15 Wildcats.  If you look at the 7-day forecast, Saturday is the ONLY day that won’t be at least partly sunny.  Not only that, but I just saw a 14-day forecast that suggests ONE MORE day of rain, also on a gameday Saturday.

The point is, you should try to savor this collection, because it may be slim pickings after this, for a while.  And you can thank Jeebus, just like the guys who score Touchdowns.

Now, since this is actually a BLOG and not just a photo gallery, I do have a few comments to deliver before the pics:  First of all, I saw Blake Griffin of the Clippers play his first NBA game, and despite the Clips folding in the 4th quarter as usual, there is NO DOUBT:  Blake Griffin is AWESOME.  Once he gets in the flow of the NBA experience, he could rejuvenate (Bruin) Baron Davis into one of the top Assist Men in all of Basketball.  Griffin made a few phenomenal plays that combined ungodly talent with youthful exuberance and unequalled effort.  He got a Double-double, and I could easily see him AVERAGE a huge Double-double over the whole season… if he can stay healthy.  He goes SO balls out, that he might be spending more time sharing a hospital room with Kevin Prince than on a court with Baron Davis. Understandably, Griffin tired late in the game, and the Clippers completely stopped getting him the ball — and THAT is when Portland scored 15 straight to put the game away.  Before that, the Clips were actually winning by 4, fairly late in the game.

If the Clipper organization can give Griffin some support, they will definitely be a solid Playoff team within two years — He is THAT good, that he could single-handedly change the whole direction, and losing mentality, of the franchise.  Hopefully Baron will shoot less three-pointers, and concentrate more on feeding Griffin, making them BOTH all-stars.

And speaking of NBA Bruins, Matt Barnes had a successful debut with the Lakers, looking like Trevor Ariza by disrupting the Rockets’ gameplan with deflected passes, Offensive Rebounds, and a flurry of hustle plays, productive activity, and general toughness.  Alongside Ron Artest, Barnes guarantees that the Lakers will not get pushed around, intimidated, or outmuscled by anyone this season, despite being led by players more of the “finesse” type.

There are so many Bruins playing minutes in the NBA, I’ll never be able to give everyone their deserved props on an ongoing basis, but on ESPN tonight, Russell Westbrook dropped 28 points, grabbed 10 Rebounds, and dished out 6 Assists, as OKC beat Chicago with a 4th quarter explosion.  The beauty of THAT, is that the Bulls are one of those RARE teams in all of History to include TWO ex-trojans on their roster:  Taj Gibson and Brian Scalabrine.  Westbrook probably couldn’t care less, but I’m probably not the only Bruin fan to appreciate that victory.

And during the game, Arron Afflalo and Darren Collison both got listed on the never-ending ticker, for scoring well in their respective games (AA:  22, with zero Turnovers for Denver, and DC:  19, + 7 Assists for Indiana).  As the season progresses, we can follow Jrue Holiday and Jason Kapono on the 76ers, Ryan Hollins on the Cavaliers, Jordan Farmar on the Nets (10 points tonight in 22 minutes off the bench), Luc Ricahrd Mbah a Moute in Milwaukee, Trevor Ariza in New Orleans as a Starter, Kevin Love Starting in Minnesota (Double-double tonight), Earl Watson for Utah, and Dan Gadzuric, now on Golden State.

On the flip side, besides the two on Chicago, it looks like there are only three other ex-trojans to root against:  O.J. Mayo on Memphis, Demar Derozan in Toronto, and Nick Young in Washington.

By the way, it was nice to see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jordan Farmar (in absentia) be awarded Championship Rings last night before the Lakers’ Season Opener.  Extremely doubtful that Gibson, Scalabrine, Mayo, Derozan, or Young will be getting sized up for any rings, any time soon… barring a trade.

Switching gears:  I almost never talk about politics on this site, or anywhere else for that matter, and even though it would be nice to see Pot legalized (a little too late for me), I won’t go THERE either.  But a few weeks ago, the TV was inundated with these political ads for Meg Whitman, where she pronounces the word “focus” as if it were spelled “feeyocus.”  It’s not like I’m in love with her opponent or anything, but for some reason, that feeyocus commercial made my skin crawl, like the old “noo-cue-lar” pronunciation from a few years ago.  Maybe it’s just a regional dialect thing, but I was just curious if anyone else noticed it, or was rubbed the wrong way by it.

And finally, despite Texas losing Game 1 of the World Series, it was nice to see Vlad Guerrero knock in two runs, and to see Bengie Molina come through as well, with a big double, and a runner thrown out at second.  Yeah, Vlad struggled with a couple of errors in Right Field, but remember, he was a DH all year, and was understandably rusty in the field.  Also, his errors came AFTER the Giants had blown the game open.  And by the way, this week Vlad was named the AL COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR!  Pretty good for a guy that the Angels and others thought was all washed up.

Now, speaking of washing up, here are 35 never-before-seen shots of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Click on them to ENLARGE them, and then pray for Sun on Saturday in Pasadena, so that I can bring you even better pics next week.


5 responses to “NO BITTER AFTERTASTE”

  1. Jake Avatar

    Griffin looks like a beast….. And technically, Mayo never went to USC? lol

  2. Robert Avatar

    Quick question T-H…all the girls are just gorgeous and extremely talented, but there is always one or two in particular who seem to steal some of the spotlight…we had four girls the last few years in Katie 🙂 Elise, Brianna and Michelle – all these are legendary in my opinion. So far this season I see two girls who will probably in the future be considered on the same level as the four I just mentioned. Those two are Roxanne and Chelsea, and ironically, they are not on the Dance team, they are on the Cheer Squad. Do you agree, or do you have another take on this?

    [T-H’s Note: Oh, Robert, you have been doing this to me for years! If I tell you who I think are the prettiest girls, then I would be alienating the ones whom I fail to mention. Then the girls I leave out could resent me, or be jealous of the ones whom I DO mention, and that would NOT be good for me or the Squad. The left out girls might not smile for me as much, or pose for me, or be nice to me at all. Sometimes, you can cut the tension with a knife.

    SO… all you can really do is GUESS, based on the frequency with which I show certain people in close-ups. However, I am also biased by who are the nicest to me. All I WILL say is that Nikki and Roxanne have been very pleasant to “work with” over the last couple of years, and of course I think that they are both beautiful. But beyond that, please don’t ask me to compare the girls. This is NOT a competition, and nothing good comes from personally “ranking” them. This is NOT the BCS.

    However — Please don’t think that I am being mean to you. I appreciate your unparallelled PASSION for the Squad, and I am grateful for your YEARS of undying support for my website. Please keep it up, and, you are always welcome to compliment specific girls. A good way to do that without hurting anyone’s feelings is to praise certain SHOTS as being great photos — That way, it’s not just the girl being better than others — It can be about lighting, timing, certain facial expressions, background, etc. For instance, I think I have gotten a few magical shots during the first three games, featuring newcomers Lizzi, Kayla, Melissa, and Kelly. But I need to emphasize: It’s often just a matter of timing, angles, and other photographic factors. That’s why even frequency of usage isn’t a true barometer of my personal opinions. There isn’t a single girl on the Squad who isn’t capable of being featured in a near-perfect shot.

    But the bottom line from me to you is: Thanks again for your intense respect for the entire Squad! I love them all, and I know that you do too.]

  3. Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.

    Thanks T-H I do agree with you, it is very difficult to judge them all, because they are ALL talented and very pretty – and like you I also love them all. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with some of my “legends” especially Katie whom I miss like you have no idea!! :’( MIchelle is another one that I really miss a lot – she is so down to earth :’( and beautiful. I haven’t had the opportunity to actually engage in any type of conversation with any of the current members except for Maya whom i think is soooo nice and friendly – besides her “talents”…Roxanna is another I totally adore unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with her, she’s always so busy at the Rose Bowl pre-game, plus I don’t want to come across as a creepy guy, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for all your had work and dedication to maintain this awesome website for the hard core Bruin fans and trOJan haters.

  4. BL Avatar

    Good Cheer Squad stunt pictures! Always looking forward to more!