Stuck on you — Addicted?  Having withdrawals?  Wish you knew how to quit her?  No worries, here’s a fix, and she’ll be back next year, smokin’

WARNING:  The Surgeon General has determined that viewing the photos in this article might be bad for your health, by raising your blood pressure to unsafe levels.

Smoking may be banned on airplanes and in restaurants, but that will not stop Nicolette and the UCLA Cheerleaders from continuing to be smoking hot this year.  Nicolette is one of the returning Dance Teamers who guarantee that Bruin fans are in good hands once again for the upcoming Football and Basketball seasons.

But for those of us who are addicted to seeing the lovely Bruin Spirit Squad, the offseason can be a long and arduous journey.  So to help you get through these dry, dry dog days, here is a pack of 27 pics, today featuring the beautiful Nicolette.

Please enjoy this pictorial, click on the photos to enlarge them (especially the horizonatal ones), and feel free to share your comments.  And if you are in jail, maybe you can print them up and use them as currecncy, just like cigarettes.  O.J., are you listening?


3 responses to “NICOLETTE PATCH”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Nice T-H! I like her. She’s been on the squad a long time. GO BRUINS Nicolette!!

  2. JP Avatar

    It’s been good having her on the Dance Team.

  3. Fan Avatar

    The little brunette Frankie –definitely the hottest one out there!