The dreck is in the Mayo — Ex-trojan O.J. Mayo is suspended from the NBA for two years, after he violates the League’s Substance Abuse Policy, again

MAYO THE HORSE BE WITH YOU.  Well, we don’t know if he was using horse (i.e. heroin), cocaine, PCP, LSD, or amphetamines, but ex-trojan screw-up O.J. Mayo was kicked out of Basketball yesterday for at least TWO YEARS, for testing positive for one of those banned substances.  Specifically what THE HECK IS IN THE MAYO is anyone’s guess, but it wasn’t Miracle Whip.

This latest cheating incident is not Mayo’s first:  Five years ago, he was suspended by the NBA for taking STEROIDS.  Nothing new for a trojan, who went to “school” for a year at the institution infamous for juiced-up athletes.  Also while at that so-called school known as Southern Cal, Mayo was embroiled in a SCandal where it was uncovered that Mayo was “illegally” paid to play for u$c, with envelopes stuffed with cash.  SC endured sanctions after these charges were found to be completely credible.  And before that, Mayo was implicated in a marijuana investigation, making these new drug charges equally credible.  Once an addict, always an addict.  It’s a not-unreasonable assumption that there could be more drugs in O.J. Mayo than in the Mayo Clinic.

In 2018, the League and the Players Association will contemplate re-instating Mayo.  But it is not a foregone conclusion.  They will consider his behavior over the two years that he is on suspension, and whether he has completed rehab, and whether he can then be a good role model to youths around the Country and the World.  Based on Mayo’s despicable conduct over the last decade, I find it highly unlikely that he will qualify for reinstatement, based on these criteria.  I would be surprised if even Best Foods would hire this possible Horse Addict to hawk their famous product, despite the obvious slogan:  “Mayo Neighs for Mayonnaise.”