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Duck Coach decoys Oregon; Isn’t interested in UCLA job (He doesn’t know what he’s missing)

Bellotti?  We think not-ty.

We’re not calling out Mike Bellotti for screwing over UCLA and creating a new Pac-10 Rivalry, but it looks like Bellotti’s interest in coming to UCLA was greatly exaggerated.  Bellotti took himself out of the running yesterday, saying that he loved his peeps in Eugene.  He said that UCLA called him, and he just agreed to meet, but never actually had an interview.

If Bellotti allowed people to think that he wanted to re-locate, it might have been just to get a little leverage against his current employers.  If he “used” UCLA like that, teasing the fans along the way, then we probably SHOULD be angry, but for some reason, we just seem to think that the Press over-hyped this possibility on their own, and that it was just business as usual.

On the subject of Dan Guerrero and the Search:  We have no problem with the length of the search, or the dimensions of the Search.  We realize that UCLA can’t afford the Nation’s Top 10 Coaches, so based on that fact, it seems like Guerrero is doing the best that can be done.  There are no mystery names from the Pro’s waiting in the wings whom Guerrero missed.  SO… we don’t understand why a particular @sshole on Bruinzone is claiming that DG is doing a disgraceful job.  Apparently, that poster has some serious issues with Guerrero that probably go back to DG’s UCI days.

Most Bruins are pleased with DG’s two other Coaches, and don’t mind waiting a while to get another good choice.  Anyone who has seen the Bruins play Basketball the last two years knows that Guerrero is not completely clueless, and should be given a chance to find the Football equivalent of Ben Howland.

Speaking of good choices, here are some photos to peruse and share during today’s double-header, featuring Oregon and UCLA Cheerleaders who prove that Mike chose poorly (but not all that poorly).
















"NAUGHTY BELLOTTI DUCKS THE BRUINS, HARD" was published on December 22nd, 2007 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.


  1. James wrote,

    As I’ve said before, the Ducks cheerleaders may have beat ours out.

  2. t-h wrote,

    Dear James,

    We disagree. While we do respect your opinion, let us at least point out that we had three times as many Duck shots than Bruin shots to select from, and we had already used the best Bruin shots, so you may not be able to fairly compare from this particular gallery.

    But you’ll need to trust us — We were up CLOSE to all of them for a long time that day, and while the Ducks had two supermodel-level cuties, ON THE WHOLE, the Bruin girls were much more attractive, and definitely in better shape (think “muffintops”). But that’s okay — Lane Bryant employees need to eat too. Just kidding — they weren’t fat, just not as tight as the Bruins.


  3. John wrote,

    That being said T-H,

    Still hope you will be making the trip to Pauley for the Oregon game so you can bring us more pictures.

  4. Bill wrote,

    Not being a ucla or Oregon fan I think I can be objective here. The ducks cheerleaders, year in and year out, have the best looking girls in the Pac10, and some years in the country. I always enjoy going to games where they grace it with their beauty. It is hard to believe they can be so consistently HOT, considering the size and location of the school. That and how come the beavers, only 50 miles or so away, are closer to the bottom of the Pac?

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