Goin’ National!

5 other teams can’t mount a challenge, as the smooth-as-blue-velvet Bruins easily clear their regional hurdle, with TEN-acity, and are galloping on to the National Finals

The UCLA Gymnastics Bruins are ranked #3 in the Country, but for the second time in a row, they have posted the highest score in the Country.  On Saturday, the Bruins soundly beat 5 other schools to take the L.A. Regional, and guarantee an invite to the Finals on the 22nd.  Arkansas finished second, so they will join UCLA at the Finals.  Arizona, ASU, BYU, and Iowa State will have to watch on TV, as the Bruins (and Razorbacks) get ready to tumble for the National Championship.

I know that there aren’t a lot of Gymnastics fans reading this, but there should be enough BRUINS — who want to see all Bruin teams do well — to justify sharing a couple of stats:  Anna Li scored a Perfect 10 on the Uneven Bars, and Vanessa Zamarripa won the All-Around, as the awards presentations were dominated by Bruins.

And if you’re just a fan of “Stick It,” but don’t care about the Sport:  Of the other 5 teams, Iowa State’s girls were the cutest (in spirit, too), and Arizona’s were the most photogenic.  Of course, that’s just a subjective opinion, and of course, it doesn’t matter.  That being said, UCLA’s girls were superior in every category — Not just talent, but choreography, choice of music, enthusiasm, team camaraderie,  wardrobe, sideline demeanor, fitness, and of course, pure looks.  And yes, I’m biased.

Speaking of beautiful coeds, have you ever been stood up by 20 of them at once?  The Gymnastics team is certainly worthy of support on their own, but I was expecting to be treated to a performance by the Spirit Squad.  The event was listed on the Spirit Squad’s web site, so I thought that meant that they would actually be there.  I mean, these are NCAA Regional Finals, being held at Pauley Pavilion, and the #3 Bruins are not a longshot to win the National Championship.  I hope that Mollie and everyone are okay, and they were just resting up for the Fan Afternoon Reception, which is being held today on campus at 4:00pm. 

Below is another little collage of (shrunken) photos from the Gymnastics Regional.  The one above was all Bruins, while the one below is all opponents.   There SHOULD be a dozen Cheer shots too, but no.  Sorry.

If you want to see the full-sized shots, make a donation, then e-mail me.


2 responses to “NATIONALS VELVET”

  1. Jake Avatar

    You must be bored, Gymnastics??!!??

    [T-H’s Note: I’ve always tried to support UCLA Gymnastics, ever since the days of Peter Vidmar (who I knew in elementary school), and Cheryl Leader, who I knew briefly, a little later. But really, I was there to get some new Cheer shots, but the members of the Spirit Squad were no-shows.]

  2. jp Avatar

    Congrats to the Gymnastics team. They’ve always been one of the most prolific dynasties of our school. Let’s hope they bring back the national championship.