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Ex-trojan Willie McGinest nearly decapitates a guy (trying to get his jersey displayed in the Coliseum?)

Ex-trojans give good headache.  Just ask Denver Broncos Tight End Nate Jackson.  You probably didn’t see it (unless you have the NFL Network), but Jackson spent some time down and out in Cleveland, after taking a forearm to the back of the head by the Cleveland Browns’ ex-sc Linebacker Willie McGinest.

What you didn’t see was a classy ex-trojan celebrating while his victim lay motionless on the turf.  And speaking of classy ex-trojans, it has to be mentioned here that infamous ex-fig techster Anthony Davis was called out by TJ Simers recently, for SELLING his autograph to kids, apparently claiming that it goes to a Charity “Fund” that in actuality, doesn’t even exist.  If it’s true, what a SCumbag!  Good for Simers to not fear the trojan backlash.  This fraud sounds like when OJ was accused of setting up a trust for his daughter, in the name of a charity, but really to to hide money from the Goldmans, and to support his lifestyle.  It also sounds like when OJ Mayo was allegedly using a credit card with a fake Charity on it.  Do you see a trojan pattern?  Is there anything more despicable than stealing from Charity?

When does that movie “Role Models” come out?  Is it the McGinest/Davis story, put to celluloid?

"MORE HEADHUNTERS THAN GILLIGAN’S ISLAND" was published on November 7th, 2008 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.


  1. Ken S. wrote,

    Once again, the world now knows you can’t spell scum without usc.

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