Girls just wanna have fun.

Oh, what fun!  Just 8 days until “Christmas in April,” when all the UCLA Cheerleaders will be present to rap with you (No mistletoe, please)

You better watch out.  Because here comes yet another reminder about The Event of the Season:  On April 11th from 4pm to 6pm at the James West Alumni Center on UCLA’s campus, the UCLA Spirit Squad is hosting their Fans Afternoon Reception.

It is your ultimate chance to meet and actually speak with some of the most inspirational students at UCLA, who you have most likely been admiring from afar for years.  If you ever just wanted to tell (for instance:) Brianna that you think she is the most beautiful girl that you have ever seen, this is the perfect opportunity.  Or if you wanted to THANK (for instance:)  one of the 3 Katie’s, for everything that they have given of themselves to UCLA for so long, then this is the event for you.

As you sit on your couch today, watching the Final Four and eating a whole bag of Doritos, remember to check out CBS’s inevitable Cheerleader close-ups… because they will just make you appreciate the Bruin squad that much more.  Hopefully enough to pony up for the most important fundraiser of the year, for a group of students who truly deserve your support.

Here are another half-dozen UCLA Cheerleader photos, as I continue to count down the days until the big gala.  Check back tomorrow for lots more.

In the Final Four, I’m rooting against Duke, of course, and against Michigan State.  But if I were wagering, I’d bet heavily against Butler and West Virginia.

Simply a vision (using peripheral vision).

Congrats to the Bruin Baseball team, for running their winning streak up to 22, before finally losing last night.

It’s gonna be one helluva shindig!

Mollie (in the middle) is like Santa Claus, bringing joy to millions.

Last one for tonight — but you better not cry, you better not pout, and I’m telling you why — More photos are coming to town, very soon.



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