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On the Rhoda to Recovery.

I missed Football Season!!!!

Rahim Moore’s School Record-tying 3 Interceptions (“Oh, ROB!!”) help Grant Bruins 30 straight points to snow in San Diego St, 33-14, and leave UCLA fans thinking they’re gonna make it after all

Good night and Good news:  The Bruins are back, sort of, and even Chuckles the Clown can see the improvement.  UCLA overcame a sluggish start, some Freshman mistakes, and some sloppy, penalty-marred execution to put away the San Diego State Aztecs on Saturday evening at the Rose Bowl, 33-14.  The Bruins came out firing, with Freshman QB Kevin Prince throwing on every down, and looking very impressive.  He hit several different targets, with Terrence Austin and Taylor Embree being his favorites.

But with the Aztecs’ solid opening drive and their  78-yard bomb for a TD, SD St. took a 14-3 lead.   Then the Bruin Defense settled down, and pitched a shut-out the rest of the way.  Brian Price came back from an injury to anchor the team, and big hits by Kyle Bosworth and Reggie Carter rattled the Aztecs.  With Jerzy Sierwierski and others applying pressure to the QB, the Bruin Secondary was usually in good position to make the play.  Rahim Moore was the biggest beneficiary, snagging THREE Picks, which ties him for the all-time Bruin Record.  Not even Kenny Easley or Alterraun Verner ever got FOUR in one game… yet.  But Verner did do something else on Saturday night, that clinched the victory.  With the Bruins up by 12, SD St. was kicking a Field Goal, but it was blocked by Jerzy, and recovered by Verner, who returned it for a Touchdown.  The 19-point spread was exactly ON the Vegas Pointspread Line, by the way.

The Bruins were able to control the majority of the game by running effectively.  All three Tailbacks showed excellent potential and good results.  Jonathan  Franklin, Derrick Coleman, and finally Milton Knox all proved that they can find daylight… against a really bad team.  And that also means that the Offensive Line is better than last year, because the Running Backs could never find any holes to run through.

Prince was the biggest question mark coming in, but he showed why Kevin Craft isn’t starting, in the first few minutes.  However, despite the crisp completions downfield, there were also several fumbles, mishandled snaps, and two nearly-identical and really bad Interceptions, where Prince just didn’t see a Defender who was standing RIGHT THERE for the Pick.  But even with these Freshman mistakes, he still seemed to prove the Coaches right in giving the kid the nod.  Even Richard Brehaut got a moment to impress, which he did, with a long completion late in the game.  Looks like he is not Redshirting.  Damien Thigpen also played a little, so it looks like the staff wants to win NOW.

Here are 14 more pics from the game and rally, with LOTS more coming very, very soon.  Click on these to enlarge them, and roll over them to see the captions.

Back to Mary Tyler Moore, Neuheisel is like Murray, because he’s always got the right words, but not the best luck, or the most hair.

The grand entrance, serpentine around the goalposts.

Kevin Prince showed HUGE upside, including a nice ability to roll out.

Looks like this one might go astray, but that’s just an illusion.

2 minutes in, Brian Price got hurt, and the Rose Bowl itself moaned out loud… but Price came back and was effective.

Derrick Coleman came in and immediately took it to the house.

Here’s the game-sealer:  Verner the Returner taking a blocked FG all the way.

“She’s baaa-aack.”

Once again, Mollie doesn’t re-build, she re-loads.

See what I mean?

So many new faces!

It’s all about maintaining a certain standard.

This one’s for Ryan.  And I mean this with love, but are you a 6th-year Senior?  I feel like I’ve known you forever!

The Aztecs’ Dance Team was a lot better than their Football team.

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  1. Robert wrote,

    Yup, Rachel and the new girls, will be good replacements for the future legends, Katie, Michelle, Elise and Brianna.

  2. JosephineBruin wrote,

    Bruins looked great yesterday!
    now chow will add 50 more extra spcial plays just for the vols
    and we go to knoxville and win 28-10.


  3. jp wrote,

    AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Thanks for the pics T-H!!!!!! Great win. And of course, the incomparable UCLA Dance Team. Greatest dynasty ever in college football history. I’ve missed your pics. But it’s great to be back.

  4. SCopper wrote,

    Woohoo. Great news all around for the Bruins. I like it.

  5. Ryan wrote,

    I’m only a 4th year, may be back for a 5th. Thanks for the pic tho, appreciate the love!

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