Maya Space — Today I was accused of discrimination, for not taking pictures of Maya.  That’s just not true, but maybe I haven’t been posting enough lately, so here’s my Maya Culpa

Hey, hey, Maya, My… Spirit Squad will never die…

I like to think that I am a man of discriminating tastes, but I have never discriminated against any member of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Sure, I tend to have my favorites, but I’ve never purposely excluded anyone from my pictorials.  Some girls might be SLIGHTLY more photogenic than others IN MY EYES, but generally, the reason why some people are shown more than others is more a matter of who is positioned right in front of me, or who is in the group that is posing where I happen to be taking photos.  My shots of people who are farther away from my lens come out much granier or blurrier than the people who are close.

In the past, I have maybe shown more photos of the girls who have gone out of their way to be nice to me, like Katie W., Nikki, and Roxanne, but that factor would NOT explain a lack of Maya shots, since Maya is always as sweet as can be, and is always one of the first people to acknowledge me and say hi.  And it definitely isn’t a Race thing, since I have always been attracted to women of every ethnicity, be it Asian, Hispanic, Black, Polynesian, European, etc.  Hell, I even like the alien girls from Star Trek.  The only thing I WILL say is that it is harder to do photographic justice to women with darker skin, since the light doesn’t reflect as brightly, so their striking features aren’t as visible or clearly defined on “film” without a flash or direct sunlight, which I don’t always have.

That all being said, I do have plenty of good photos of Maya, and below are 18 that she is in, that have never been published before.  This should dispel the rumor that I “don’t take photos of her,” once and for all, as 17 of them are from last Saturday alone.  Please enjoy.


2 responses to “MAYA SWEET LORD!”

  1. SMS Avatar

    Beautiful pics, once again.

  2. jp Avatar

    I believe how they determine their little formations/lines is based on height. Maya appears to be the shortest member and so she’s on the very edge and thus, she gets cut out of many shots…that’s all.