Go with the Gods, Bruins — It’s gonna take a miracle, but God gave us Riana and Maya, so maybe he can give us a victory on Saturday night

It’s now just one day away from the big showdown, and there’s very little left to say.  Everyone knows who SHOULD win, based on stats, rankings, and previous results.  But everyone also knows that when it comes to Rivalry games, you can’t always go by records and numbers.  Emotions play a much bigger role in these match-ups, and that intangible is not so easily predicted.

Anything can happen in a Rivalry game.  Possibly enhancing that emotional edge, UCLA will break with the recently re-established tradition of wearing their home uniforms at the Coliseum, and wear special, new, all-white uni’s.  Thi$ deci$ion was apparently made by Adida$, who manufactures all UCLA team apparel.  The all-white rollout was actually a surprise to Rick Neuheisel, who had no idea that this plan was in the works, or that it would be implemented now… so that’s one less thing you can blame on him.

I don’t know how the uniforms will look, but what WILL look great is the UCLA Spirit Squad.  They will be bundled up for the cold weather, but they will still radiate beauty and grace above the dankness of the South Central Mausoleum.  Below are 40 photos from this season, all featuring — BY REQUEST — either Riana, Maya, or both.


3 responses to “MAYA CON DIOS”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Christmas came early! Thank you T-H! You’d give Santa a run for his money!

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Just saw Maya on FSN West’s Running With The PAC episode. She is one cool, pretty young lady! GO BRUINS MAYA!

  3. Barnes2Stokes Avatar

    Thanks for the pics; Maya looks beautiful, as always.
    Now let’s kick ourselves some butt tomorrow!!!