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The Nude Bomb — Ex-trojan hero, NFL bust, and Chronic offender Todd Marinovich gets busted yet again, this time for being NAKED, with pot, in someone else’s backyard

[UPDATE:  It is now being reported that they found METH on him too!]

All that talent.  All that money.  Pissed away by a total loser trojan.  Once again, former trojan QB Todd Marinovich has been taken away in handcuffs.  Last night in Irvine, Police responded to a call about a man wandering naked on a path.  Upon arrival, they found the u$c star buck naked, with weed and drug paraphernalia, in someone else’s backyard.

As I have said many times here over the last dozen years, POT is no big deal, and I don’t think it should even BE a crime.  BUT… Pot doesn’t make you get naked and wander around Orange County.  It is reasonable to assume that another substance was involved in this incident, be it PCP, LSD, or Todd’s old friend, Heroin.  And abuse of heroin does NOT get a free pass from me.


Some people are complaining that drug addiction is a serious disease and shouldn’t be made light of.  Ordinarily I might agree.  However, when the person was a jerk to begin with, and throws away all the advantages of wealth and power to waste his life getting stoned, then the downfall could be considered JUSTICE.  I am a big fan of karma, and it looks like Marinovich has fallen victim to just that.

Everybody deserves a second chance, and some compassion.  But how bad should we feel for a guy with THIS track record:

1990 – Busted for Cocaine possession, just a month after the Sun Bowl (suggesting that he was doing drugs while QB at SC);

1992 – Cut from Raiders after only 2 years due to repeated drug use;

1997 – Felony charge of growing pot, and another charge for illegally possessing prescription meds;

2000 – Arrested on suspicion of Heroin possession;

2001 – Cut from L.A. Avengers after the Heroin bust;

2005 – Arrested for drug possession;

2007 – Charged with Felony possession of a controlled substance, unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle, and resisting arrest;

[Dates estimated]

How is THAT for a rap sheet?  More fitting for a Gangster Rapper than a Football Icon?  Deserving of sympathy?  He had all the money in the world to get professional help.  It’s not like he slipped through the cracks of a damaged welfare system.  Remember the famous photo of him flipping off a Bruin player who was trying to help him up off the ground?  Well, I choose to believe that THAT is the true essence of this man.  And this guy flitted away his wealth, power, and talent, and CHOSE a life of crime.  Blame the addiction if you want — I will blame the man himself, and find satisfaction in his continued demise.

"MARIJUANAVICH EM-BARE-ASSED AGAIN" was published on August 22nd, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.


  1. JC wrote,

    How enjoyable can getting high on pot be when you weren’t brought up with an appreciation for salty, greasy foods?

  2. UCLADal wrote,

    You know what, to hell with this guy. He’s had so many chances and so many people have come to his aid or made excuses for him (many of his former SC teammates bucked up to get him help). He’s 47, married, and has kids and still can’t control his urges or desires. If you look at his life, he’s always quit or run away from any adversity that has come his way. It’s one thing if you’re in your 20’s. It’s another when you’re in your late 40’s. Deal it with Mr. Marinovich.

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