Ooops… It’s been brought to my attention (from a reader comment) that I promised 40 more UCLA Cheerleader photos from the last home game that I never delivered.  So… I am here now to rectify the situation — in style, with forty-ONE new pics

March Madness is in full swing, with the Sweet Sixteen starting on Thursday, and of course, UCLA is nowhere in sight.  So here is a 41-photo pictorial to remind you that you should still be proud to be a Bruin, and also to remind you where UCLA still excels.  I said last week I had 40 more photos ready to go, so I’m posting 41, with the extra one being a penalty on me for letting it slide, and a bonus for you — I’m pony-ing up, with interest.

Meanwhile, if you have ANY interest in the actual games being played this week, or just if you’d like to win a nice UCLA Keychain, please look at the article prior to this one, and ENTER (for free, no registration required) my contest to win a keychain, by simply predicting the winner of the Tournament. Full “rules” of how to play are included in the article.  Of course, don’t let the contest stop you from enjoying the spread below, as the Bruins are still the Nation’s best… and it’s NO contest.


2 responses to “MARCH RADNESS”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    How about another 40! GO BRUINS!

  2. jp Avatar

    TH, just to give you a heads up, UCLA Dance Team auditions next month

    [T-H’s Note: Yup. Thank you. I’ve already been to one of the pre-audition clinics. The clinic was not really a public affair, so I did not take or post any photos, but I did meet some of the prospective newcomers for Dance AND Cheer. Besides that, my best NEW friend in the whole World (whom I met at last year’s auditions) might just be auditioning this year. So, I am definitely aware of (and totally excited about) the coming event… but I thank you just the same!]