It’s just a placid flashback to a happy time — What a long, strange trip it’s been.

The Returns are (Bru-) In:  Farmar’s confidence, Trevor Ariza, and the Showtime dominance have Returned for the Lakers, while Josh Shipp’s Return and J’Mison Morgan have UCLA fans counting on a 4th straight Return to the Final Four

As the Memorial Day Weekend rolls along, highlighted by the Return after 18 years of Indiana Jones, we are taken on a walk down Memory Lane, by several other happy returns.

With their unexpectedly easy 101-71 victory over San Antonio on Friday night, the Lakers Returned to the Glory Days of Magic Johnson.  The Lakers played as a balanced team, helped greatly by the Return from a 1-game slump by Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom.  A 9-0 run before the Break set the trend for the Second Half, when Kobe and the Lakers quickly pulled away.   The lead got so large, that Phil Jackson felt comfortable enough to insert just-recuperated Trevor Ariza into the line-up.  Ariza responded, by immediately hitting a mid-range jumper (which the Spurs understandably did not really contest).

And one of the reasons that the Lakers were able to extend the lead so impressively was Jordan Farmar and the rest of the L.A. Bench.  The Lakers were +19 with Farmar in, as the Point Guard played with his old aggressiveness, scoring 14 points on 5-7 shooting.  Only Bryant and Odom scored more.  Farmar hit 2 of his 4 Three’s, and also added 2 Boards, 1 Steal, and 1 Block, as the Lakers will now take a 2-0 Series lead into Texas for Sunday’s Game 3. 

And speaking of Texas, High School Center phenom J’Mison Morgan made it Official yesterday, announcing that he will be a Bruin.  Morgan could step right into the void in the middle left by Kevin Love’s departure, allowing James Keefe to excel at Power Forward.  And with the now-Official Return of Josh Shipp — for another shot at the dream of an NCAA Title — the Bruins will Return as a Final Four Favorite again this year.  With a Five-man incoming Recruiting class that is considered by everyone in the know to be #1 in the Country — by far — Ben Howland’s RE-LOADED Bruin squad has Returned to the Elite Status that it hasn’t seen since John Wooden’s heyday.  Even without a Banner of his own, Howland has managed to make UCLA the Center of the College Basketball Universe — the First Choice of the Stars — once again, and that is the kind of Machine that keeps on gathering steam.

The Bruins and the Lakers could be on the brink of a Double-Dynasty, as neither one shows any signs of slowing down.  And speaking of Dynasties, there is a good reason why UCLA Spirit has a Dynasty of their own, and it’s more than just looks and talent.  It’s also Personality, and Class.  I just had another opportunity to interact with a member of the Current Dance Team, and was once again blown away by how nice and down-to-earth she is.  Let’s forget the fact that she looked flawless while just walking through campus after a morning class — her hair was perfect — but what I’m talking about is the sweetness conveyed by her eyes, and the trust that she showed.  She had an opportunity to be very suspicious of something that was INTENDED as an innocent gesture of kindness, but there seemed to be NO misinterpretation whatsoever.  She totally took it in the right way.  I swear — there is definitely something to the way Mollie & Co. continue to select quality individuals to represent UCLA.

And here are a few OTHER quality individuals, from back in 2006 — Please enjoy this trip down Memory (U-C-)L-Ane, and Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all you hard-fighting non-trojans out there, and watch out for all those drunk-behind-the-wheel usc grads out there (like Dwayne Jarrett and Lofa Tatupu, just to name the two most recent ex-trojan DUI’s). Be careful if you BBQ - The smoke may attract Snoop Dogg, O.J. Mayojuana, Mike Potterson, and Todd Heroinovich.

They should give sc the Death Penalty on Memorial Day — That way, trojans could remember to mourn their dead Program every year on the Holiday.

This Weekend could see the Indy 500, and the Indy $500 Million (not really — more like $180 Mil)

We now RETURN you to your regularly-scheduled programming.