Ex-trojans still dominate… the Police blotter, as usc Basketballer Stais Boseman gets arrested in relation to a CARJACKING

Maybe he was out celebrating the landmark hiring of Kevin O’Neill as new usc Basketball Coach?

Chalk up one more STEAL for ex-usc Basketball player Stais Boseman.  Actually, let’s wait for the Referees to consult the instant replay, because at this point in “celebrity” arrests, everything is just “alleged.”

But the “story” remains that Boseman was picked up by the LAPD down on Crenshaw, and arrested on a Suspicion of Carjacking charge.  He could be completely innocent, or maybe just a witness who didn’t intervene or call Police.  Perhaps the only jacking that he is connected to is the hijacking of his Pro career… by a lack of talent.

But considering how long it’s been since the last trojan got busted (O.J. Simpson [for Kidnapping]?  O.J. Mayo?  Tim Floyd?  The Girls Gone Wild guy [for Tax Evasion]?), Boseman might be in trouble — The trojans are DUE.

What is it with the name Boseman?  The Cal Coach got in big trouble, the Bruin Guard got injured and underacheived until his final year, and now the trojan Guard may be going into the usc Criminal Hall of Fame, for playing the real-life version of “Grand Theft Auto.”  Is this what trojans do for transportation when gas prices shoot up?  Is Carmen Trutanich done running for office and ready to start defending Fig Techsters again?

Maybe O’Neill needed some “recruiting incentives” to lure new meat, and Stais was just trying to supply some 8-cylinder help.  Isn’t that Ronnie Lott’s job?  Knowing the sc community’s ability to make everyone clam up, we will probably never know what really happened, and Stais will be on Pom Pom’s sidelines surrounded by all the other “wrongly accused” when Football season starts.