So acute — Even if the voting didn’t go as expected, you still gotta love all the girls who tried (out) with all their heart at the UCLA Spirit Squad Auditions — and looking at the survivors, we are not at all obtuse like the cable TV “Settlers” from the DirecTV commercials

There are three sides to every triangle, and there are two sides to my reaction to the UCLA Cheerleader Try-outs:  Sure I’m disappointed that not all my favorites made it, BUT, I am very happy for the ones who did.  As usual, we will have the best collection of beauty and talent that you could possibly hope for, and they will undoubtedly outshine all the other squads in the Nation.

When you love two people, it can be a love triangle.  So what we are going to have here is a couple of  Love Dodecahedrons?  That’s 24 sides, and this year, there are 23 Cheerleaders for you to adore.

Below are another 73 photos from this year’s auditions, including people who made the squad and people who didn’t.  This will illustrate what a near-impossible task it is to differentiate and separate the participants.  Of course, the photos don’t show talent — or personality (which comes out in the interview process) — so obviously there is a lot more to it than appearance, but even then, it’s still a monumentally-difficult task.