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His “Guile” Must Have Got Lost, but his Angel is a Centerfold.

Ain’t Nothin’ but a Party:  Kevin Love gets a Freeze Frame moment, signing a $5.47 Million, 2-year contract to become a T-Wolf

KLove made it official yesterday, putting his signature on a contract to become the new Minnesota Fat Cat.  Five and a half Mil for 2 years, with options for two more years at around $3 Mil and $3.8 Mil.  Many critics don’t think that Kevin is cut out for the NBA, but Kevin McHale isn’t one of them.

The T-Wolves’ GM is confident that Love has the desire and ability, and McHale plans to share his own personal experience as an NBA Power Forward with Love before Love’s Rookie season gets underway.  Love is playing in Vegas now in the NBA Summer League, as are most of the big name Rookies, but if you want constant stats and updates, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  You can even go to Bruin Zone, where they are getting excited over Russell Westbrook’s early, high-scoring success.  But the competition is not high-caliber, and exhibition is exhibition, so maybe it should be viewed with tempered enthusiasm.

Westbrook, by the way, also signed HIS contract, which will pay him about $6 Mil over 2 years in Oklahoma City.  Russell’s team, which just moved from Seattle, has not yet chosen a new team nickname to replace “SuperSonics.”  Since they’re moving to the Sooner State, how about “SoonerSonics,” or, “SuperSoonics” (“Soonics” for short)?  Of course, if they suck, or worse, play without balls, people will call them the “Super Eunuchs.”

Or for you literary types,  “The Oklahoma City WRATH.”  Like Wrath of Khan, but in deference to “The Grapes of Wrath,” that Fonda movie about Okies (yeah, yeah, okay –it was a book first).  “The Wrath” sounds pretty cool, and it’s a lot better than “The Grapes.”

Westbrook wasn’t the only Bruin to sign an NBA contract last week, prior to Love:  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute signed with Milwaukee, and at least some of the money IS guaranteed, even if he doesn’t end up playing for the Bucks.  Again, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you want contract DETAILS, but the contract numbers for Westbrook and Love were dictated by a sliding Rookie scale that the NBA and Players’ Union has set up.  In other words, this whole article is NOT newsworthy, as these signings and amounts of riches were foregone conclusions.  Sorry.  To make up for it, here’s a Love-ly pictorial, that starts with Love, and is sustained by Lovelies.  As always, you can click on the pics to enlarge them, and you can mouse over them for captions (which are particularly strange tonight).  For instance, did you know that Brian Dohn is not interested in the UCLA Dance Team?  He must be the only one.

  He knows the Beach Boys, but probably not The J. Geils Band.  [Reputa (Rapunzel) let your hair down]

 “First I look at the Purse.”

[Having nothing to do with these photos, but:]  Jim Ladd loves J. Geils…

…and he was backstage at the Sports Arena, when J. Geils headlined, with Opening Act — U2!!!!!!

J. Geils Band’s “Give it to Me” just came on the Classic Rock Music Choice TV channel RIGHT NOW!  What are the odds?

Every 40-something dude remembers the video for “(Angel is a) Centerfold.”

Now Music Choice is playing Geils’ “Rage in the Cage.”  Talk about perfect timing!  (I thought that J. Geils would be too obscure as a pop reference, and then they play them back-to-back).Someone commented about shin definition the other day?  Here’s evidence that backs up his claim.

See what I mean?

Are you bored yet?  Should I stop?  Does anyone care?

Out of thousands of readers, the same five people make 90% of the comments.  Or are you five each clicking a thousand times a day?

Too bad those Brianna fanatics left — They would have loved this pictorial.

SOOO, Brian Dohn isn’t interested in the UCLA Dance Team.  Says he must be too old.  When I get that old, PLEASE kill me.

…of course, Dohn is from Rutgers, whose Dance Team would do better as a POLE Dance Team.  Ba da bing!

Favre to Vikings?  That would be like Kristin to usc!

And finally:  The high, wide, closing, Crane Shot, as we pull back, and fade to black.

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  1. Chuck Findley wrote,

    Trojan Hater,
    I don’t care if she’s got long, lean legs, silken hair or lips that taste like honey, First, I look at the money. Speaking of money, that pole dancing team idea, what a concept for a fundraiser! Didn’t Arizona State try that?

  2. SCopper wrote,

    There is at least one Brianna Fanatic still here!

  3. JP wrote,

    How many clicks DO you get a day, t-h? Must be a ton.

  4. JC wrote,

    Not interested in the UCLA Dance Team? That’s like saying you’re not interested in breathing. Beautiful ladies; beautiful pictures. Great work.

  5. Robert wrote,

    BINGO!! I think I’m one of the five, am I right?? Katie,Elise and Michelle are the reason for my login.

    [T-H’s Note: Yeah, you’re correct. You are one of the five. But don’t misunderstand me: I’m not trying to lessen the participation of the Fab Five; I’m trying to encourage OTHERS to join in the fun.]

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