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He’s a Convertible Lofa — He pulls out into a bed… of flowers, then a picket fence and a row of mailboxes, but hopefully never a pedestrian.

Tatupu’s reputation is swirling around the bowl, after he becomes the 3rd allegedly wasted-behind-the-wheel ex-trojan in 3 months to get scooped up

Another ex-trojan’s sparkling image just got flushed down the Troy-let, when Seattle cops arrested usc Legacy Lofa Tatupu for apparent Drunk Driving.  The Police say that Lofa was speeding and changing lanes or swerving without signaling, so they pulled him over.

Don’t Seattle cops know that trojans NEVER use their turn signals, regardless of whether they are driving drunk or not?  It’s been something that we’ve been pointing out for years — An arrogant, self-centered jerk doesn’t give a damn about letting other drivers know what he’s about to do, regardless of how it might impact them.

And besides, Tatupu swore to the arresting officers that he had NOT been drinking… right before he took a test that showed that he probably downed about TEN drinks right before getting behind the wheel.

There is NO truth to the rumor that when asked why he lied to the cops, he said that he was a Coprophiliac.  But with .155 and .158 blood alcohol levels on successive tests, when the legal limit is .08, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where he WASN’T lying to the officers.

An ex-trojan lying to Officers?  Someone from usc thinking that Laws don’t apply to them?  A former trojan Football Star risking people’s lives just for the sake of getting high?  Sound familiar?  It should.

You are probably aware of all the trojan transgressions from over the years (see the “Infamous trOJans” link), but just this year, Mike Patterson was busted for having Marijuana in his car, after getting into an accident, and Dwayne Jarrett got nailed for a DUI.  Not counting O.J. Mayo’s laundry list of crimes, this would make Tatupu the 3rd ex-trojan to get busted this year, and all three of them were allegedly endangering the public by driving around WITH Dope, probably ON Dope, and definitely LIKE dopes, by throwing down a few cocktails for the road.  Lofa’s Dad, ex-trojan MOSI Tatupu, must not be MOStly proud.

What makes this sad and tragic occurrence almost ironic, is a thread on bruinzone message board from just last week.  After ex-trojan Fred Davis over-slept right through his third day of NFL practice, someone was wondering why anyone would ever risk drafting a trojan, since so many of them have off-the-field behavioral problems.  In reply to that, several people started singing the praises of Tatupu, saying what  a steal he was for the Seattle Seahawks, and how he had no character issues, and how it’s hard not to like him, despite his school affiliation.


Would you like him more if YOUR leg was almost amputated after being the victim of a near-vehicular manslaughter hit and run?  And would he still be your idol if you had a little sister killed in a crosswalk by a drunk driver?

According to the guy who “broke” this story to the bruinzone crowd, the .155 level indicates, based on Tatupu’s enormous size, that he probably consumed about 9 or 10 drinks before sticking his key in his car’s ignition.  The guy just signed a $40 Million contract, but can’t afford a cab?  Or a celphone call to a friend?  No, because when you are a trojan, you have no fear of the law, and no concern whatsoever for the safety and welfare of those around you.  So why call a cab?

Another somewhat ironic footnote is that on the Front Page of Lofa’s own personal website, there is some sappy inspirational quote about how Lofa’s “inner strength” makes him such a quality human being.  It’s a good thing that he didn’t mow down a few quality human beings, or he might have been sharing a cell with one of the O.J.’s in the near future.

And here’s a “special” note for anyone who has a problem with our apparent “celebration” of all these recent trojan SCandals.  It’s not about taking joy in someone else’s misfortunes — It’s about cherishing JUSTICE.  The trojans have been getting away with murder — literally and figuratively — for decades, and  on the .0001% of the time when they get CAUGHT breaking the law, it is worthy of a few woo-hoo’s when the evildoers are exposed and punished.

A few weeks ago, when trojan Adam Rose of the L.A. Times put aside our differences and linked this site from the Times, I swore that I would treat him with respect not usually reserved for a trojan.  So I will choose the following words very carefully:

The video that Mr. Rose chose to include in his UCLA blog today was completely and totally innapropriate.  Rose let his Cardinal & Gold slip show, by basically INSULTING all Bruins who might be enjoying all the SCandals across town, and WARNING them to stop.  I understand his point, but it shows the unmitigated gall of a trojan to intentionally RAIN ON THE BRUIN PARADE, on a BRUIN Blog. 

The reader comments that follow the article are MUCH more blistering than anything that I’ve said here, and they all call for his immediate removal from the Bruin Blog.  And this is the second time Rose has done something like this in the last few days — I ignored the first instance, out of courtesy, and with the hope that it would be an isolated incident.  After all, if he is willing to link this site, I consider him an ally.  But this video was a slap in the face to Bruin fans, and I just could not stay silent, even at the risk of losing my only ally at the L.A. Times.  But that’s how obnoxious the use of that video was to me. 

Rose posted an excuse — NOT an apology — saying that he always talks about enjoying others’ misery as a character flaw.  Like I said, I understand his point, but why try to hold a a mirror to Bruins, trying to show them their flaws?  Does he really think Bruin fans are going to frequent a site that does that to them?

So, with all due respect, I hope Rose reads this, is NOT offended, but re-considers his apparent agenda of lecturing Bruin fans on what is okay and what isn’t okay to enjoy.

You think it’s okay to enjoy LSU officially releasing J’Mison Morgan?  Should we ask permission?  The 6′ 10″ High School Center who is supposed to be one of the best players in his Class  was just granted his release from Louisiana State, and says that he intends on enrolling at UCLA.  It is still not official that he is a Bruin, but it IS official that he is no longer a Bayou Tiger, and it’s supposed to be only a matter of time before he makes Westwood his new home… for a year, anyway.  Yeah baby!  Oh, wait — Maybe we shouldn’t celebrate LSU’s misfortune… yeah, right.

And speaking of blogs, we have received some inquiries about the stories on Scott Wolf’s blog about the decline of the USC Song Girls.  Readers seem to think that the Girls now are dogs, especially compared to the girls of a decade ago.  It was even suggested that MY coverage of the UCLA Dance Team is what is making the trojan fans so jealous, angry, and unsatisfied in their Girls. 

The readers are trying to figure out what’s going on at sc, so, there are some SCandals and conspiracy theories out there.  Apparently, the selection committee is very old and out of touch; The Cheer Coach’s daughter made the team despite not having the chops;  She cheered at the wrong time in the Rose Bowl, so they decided to start picking smarter girls regardless of their looks…

We don’t know if ANY of that is true.  We are not investigative reporters, and we have no connections at Figueroa Tech.  A few years ago, we would have been tempted to find our most unflattering SC Song Girl pics and post them as evidence of the decline.  However, there are TWO GOOD REASONS why we do not take that low road:  1)  Most of our photos of them are from a CHARITY event, and they shouldn’t be “punished” for giving their time for a worthy cause; and 2) We fear a retribution that could jeopardize the welfare of the UCLA Girls.  What if someone takes unflattering shots of them (yeah, it’s possible — not easy, but possible) and gets them out in cyberspace?  Guess who would get the blame?  So, to the guys who wrote to me about this story, if anything official (more official than Scott Wolf) comes out about political corruption, payoffs, or sexual favors to the selection committee, I’ll cover it — But as far as just discussing whether or not they are even attractive any more, we’re not going to touch that.

And finally, speaking of fan letters, we received a request for some older, archived photos to be shared.  Someone really likes the Dance Team from 2005-2006, so we are going to try to dig up some shots from those Golden Days, and share them.  Here are a couple, complete with Whitney, Chelsey, Brette, and the rest, for you to wax nostalgic to.

That’s right — Wax on. Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end (and they didn’t end). 

    Unlike sc, UCLA Spirit doesn’t re-build, they re-load.

"LOFA GETS PINCHED" was published on May 14th, 2008 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "LOFA GETS PINCHED": 13 Comments

  1. jp wrote,

    I miss Kylene and Whitney!!!!!

    Haha, but yeah t-h, I think this website has definitely made it known how we have the most beautiful girls in the land.

  2. RR wrote,

    Don’t fret Jp, Whitney’s a Laker girl now; You could still see her around 😉

    Also yay, t-h with the throwback pics 😀

  3. James wrote,

    Anyone remember Kylene’s sister Kyrra?

  4. k money wrote,

    whitneys not a lakers girl shes a celtics dancer

    and nicole (front row middle brunette) is a clippers dancer

  5. ewc wrote,

    k money,

    Get with the times.

  6. RR wrote,

    I know Nicole’s a Clippers dancer.. but I’m pretty sure Whitney’s a Laker girl.

    Looks like I was right 😀

  7. Josephine Bruin wrote,

    love the MOSI MOSTLY proud part!

    The Celtic cheerleaders are mostly (MOSI) girls from LA – they recruit too! GO LAKERS beat the JAZZZ – GO FARMAR!

  8. jp wrote,

    Whitney was a Celtics girl 2 years ago…she’s DEFINITELY a Lakers girl now. Go to the Laker Girls website and see for yourself.

    James, Kylene had a sister who cheered years before her? Do you have a pic?????? Was she on the dance team too? What year?

    I’ve said it years ago…the USC Song Girls are overrated. I agree with t-h, though….let’s just count our blessings for our gorgeous girls. Haha.

    Competition’s not even close, so pity them, not hate.

  9. Waldorf wrote,

    LOFA GETS PINCHED….LOL!!!!!! That’s the best headline you’ve come up with yet!

    BTW, do you have anymore “old” photos of Kylene? Man, she was smokin’!

    [T-H’s Note: Yeah, more of Kylene is on the way, as I delve into my 2005 pics during the “off season.” And by the way, I LOVE it when people acknowledge specific jokes. If I could, I would put “Get it?” after every pun, because without the feedback, I have no way to know if anyone is even noticing them. So, thanks.]

  10. scrubsoth wrote,

    thanks t-h, i knew you’d come through on the 2006 squad pics. looks like kylene was the popular one besides whitney. i guess she’s not just MY favorite. im surprised no one has mentioned chelsey since she was the one that won that cbs sports competition awhile back. (was it cbs sports or sports illustrated?). thanks again t-h.

  11. jp wrote,

    OMG, Kyrra and Kylene were SISTERS!!!! I found out who Kyrra was. Geeze, gorgeous girls!!!!!

    Yeah, 2006 was really our breakout year and we’ve never looked back since. Too bad Kylene was a one and done. She was beautiful.

    And as if JustSC land was not mirred in enough controversy, a lot of them are also appalled with the current state of the Song Girls. Lol.

  12. Robert wrote,

    Man!, and here I thought I was up on things when it comes to the Dance Team former members, I feel like a rookie compared to some of these readers. I Do remember a VERY beautiful and sexy member of that team, wasn’t she Asian? and was that Kyrra? I believe it was before Chelsey and Whitney began to get all the air-time during the games, and the girls became almost as big a part of the games as the game itself.

    Yes, it would be totally awesome to see of some of those glorious shots of Kayla, Kyrra, Whitney, and othwers. It would be even more awesome if you had an archive to go that far and admire the past beauties that have glorified your website.

  13. RR wrote,

    I remember Kyrra; yeah she’s Kylene’s older sister, and used to be on the dance team. At least I think she was lol More pics of her would be great too 🙂

    To jp,

    LOL yeah man I was looking at the Song Girls, and thought to myself… “ok..” I’ve seen a lot of SUC student’s complaining, I even read somewhere where one said something like “This tradition of UCLA having hotter girls then us must stop. Its been happening for years now. I’m straight up ashamed.” hahaha it’s great stuff.

    Did you purposely use pics that have Kristin blocked out to glorify the old member’s because she’s still on the team, or is that just coincidence? haha maybe I’m just thinking too much here.

    Well hold up… on the far left that is Kristin right? I remember shes been on the dance team since she first got to UCLA but I’m not sure since Chelsey’s blocking her haha

    [t-h’s note: Just a coincidence.]

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