“Do you swear to watch what you say and do?”  “I do.”

Neuheisel takes the oath to follow the rules, and will try to keep Walker and add Chow;  If he does, he’ll go from Legally Blonde to Regally Blonde.

New Bruin Football Coach Rick Neuheisel is scheduled to be introduced today at a Press Conference on campus.  The New Ruler will start to assess his Kingdom, and just might make an announcement about his Assistant Coaches.  So there is no reason to over-speculate right now.  Let’s just wait and see what happens this afternoon.  But here’s what’s at stake:

Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker is Neuheisel’s stated #1 priority.  Walker has an offer from Washington for a lateral move, but Walker wants to stay, IF he and Neuheisel are on the same page.  They will allegedly meet before the Press Conference today.

The other news is that despite a supposedly too-limited budget, Neuheisel says that he wants Norm Chow to come be the Offensive Coordinator for the Bruins.  Neuheisel, who WAS the O.C. for the Baltimore Ravens,  says that he knows Chow (the O.C. for the Tennessee Titans), and that Chow misses SATURDAY Football.  Unfortunately, Tennessee pulled off a victory yesterday, allowing them to squeak into the Playoffs, so Chow will be busy for another week… until they LOSE IN SAN DIEGO this weekend. 

They almost lost to the Colts’ B-Team, because ex-trojan LenDale White lost another Fumble – his 5th of the Year – and it led directly to an Indy Touchdown for their first lead of the game.  Luckily for White and his Coach – ex-trojan Jeff Fisher – Indy rested 11 Starters and basically just went through the motions in a meaningless (for them) game, permitting the Titans to edge out the Cleveland Browns for the final AFC Playoff spot.

LenDale White is in no danger of choking in the Super Bowl this year, as fellow Weekly near-goat and ex-trojan Junior Seau and the Patriots stand in the Titans’ way of the Super Bowl, and Tennessee, even if they manage to exploit Norv Turner in San Diego, would need another Music City Miracle to beat New England.

We would be surprised to see Chow take a pay cut to come to UCLA, but if he does, you can bet it is because the “rumors” about his feud with Pete Carroll weren’t just rumors.  It figures that Neuheisel isn’t leery of Chow’s sc ties, being an sc law grad himself.  If we ever get to talk to Rick, which is extremely doubtful, our non-football question would be:  Did you at least have some MILD RESERVATIONS  about going to Law School at that SCumhole?


In honor of Bruin Football’s new Blonde Ambition, here are a dozen more Bruin Cheer photos, featuring BLONDES ONLY.  We hope you “have more fun” checking them out.  And don’t forget, you can click on them (for captions this time, and) to enlarge them — There is something “neet” about seeing those soft little blonde arm hairs shimmering in the Pasadena sunshine.

…because I’m blonde. Yeah, YEAH, yeah.  (Duck, Magnum, duck!)

  One way, or another… (Blondie)

If you don’t think this is a cute picture, we think you might need the Braille version.

If you enlarge this, please resist the temptation to literally kiss your screen.

Even her hair is athletic and in sync– It even looks great horizontal.

Not sure if Geof is blonde — Hardly ever see him without the cap!

That’s okay.  This is exactly what we see when we CLOSE OUR EYES anyway.

Scientific Researchers call it “The Double-Blonde Technique.”

While staying at the Venetian Hotel for the Las Vegas Bowl, did these “Venetian Blondes” let any light shine in?

4 Dawn-Blondes

“Blonde leading the Blonde”

We’re no gentlemen, but today, we preferred blondes.  We hope you did too.