ARMed & Dangerous or ARMageddon?: Ben Olson now gets his chance to disARM his ARMy of critics

No offense to Pat Cowan, but it sure would be nice for the UCLA Program if Ben Olson had another stellar 5-Touchdown game this Saturday, like he did in the Opener at Stanford.

The growing dissatisfaction among impatient Bruin fans with Olson’s development — or lack thereof — is tearing at the fabric of Bruin fandom.

Some fans have already given up on Ben…


Despite the fact that he has started LESS than ONE SEASON worth of games, they have HAD IT with his inability to make quick decisions, inability to scramble away from sacks, and inability to look off Defenders.

While all these criticisms are valid, his upside is still worth the wait. Despite his advanced age, he’s still like a Sophomore in practical experience, trying to run a complicated system with a new Coordinator.

In general, when he misses his target, he misses AWAY from the Defender, just like Troy Aikman. And in practice, his skills and especially his accuracy, are head and shoulders above Cowan’s. There’s still hope that Olson and his Receivers, who have had an unstable rotation due to injuries, can get back on the same page.

The Beavers don’t give up many rushing yards, so Olson will have to make an impact through the air. But with Cowan unavailable due to injury, don’t be surprised to see a conservative gameplan, to protect Ben from blindside sacks on deep drops, for instance.

If the Bruins are unable to pull it off in Corvallis, don’t let the Dorrell-haters says that they “lost a game that they should have won,” because regardless of whatever happens on Saturday, the Bruins are a two-point UNDERDOG going in.

But all the Bruins need to win is an intelligent scheme of Playcalling to keep the pressure off the QB, be it Screens, Draws, or Shovel Passes.

Also, since they are facing the Nation’s “leader” in throwing Interceptions, expect Trey Brown and Alterraun Verner to get at least one Pick each.

But if Olson doesn’t return to his early form, the Playcalling and the Picks still won’t be enough to win. And then the Cowan Supporters will be the only ones talking. Oh, them and the Dorrell-haters, of course. Who knows — If it’s really bad, they might have a point. All we know is that we want to win MORE THAN EVER, just to shut those people up.

Below are 4 more new Cheer shots from last Saturday. Why? Do we really need an excuse? We have all these excess shots, and we just feel the COMPULSION to share them.

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