The King wears no clothes… but the Princesses do.

False Idol Thumped:  LeBron is not God, or even the Savior of Cleveland, as he dispels all that fiction by plaguing his own people with NINE Turnovers and thirteen bricks, Numbers that were the Genesis of the Cavs’ epic-fail Playoff Exodus

27 Points, NINETEEN Rebounds, and 10 Assists:  A Triple-Double Royale for King James; 

9 Turnovers, and 13 Missed Shots:  No Ring for The King.

For the 7th straight year, King James will not be crowned in June, and despite all his intermittent domination, you can call him Suicide King James.  LeBron James showed flashes of his MVP brilliance, but he was also his own worst enemy, in the Cavaliers’ 94-85 Series-ending loss in Game 6 in Boston.  Despite scoring 27, LeBron was cold all night long, going 8-21 from the floor, as the Celtics led for most of the game, on their way to the surprising 4-2 Series upset, and a date with Orlando in the Eastern Finals.

Besides missing all those shots, LeBron was unbelievably careless with the ball.  Maybe his elbow injury was bothering him, but LeBron made a series of bad passes that had no chance of success.  And he made one dribbling error that might have cost Cleveland their season.

After trailing by around 8 for a while in the 2nd Half, Cleveland went on a run, early in the 4th Quarter.  When LeBron hit back-to-back Three’s, it cut the Celtic lead to 78-74.  But then James dribbled away the Cavs’ chance to cut it to 2 or 1, and Boston went on a 10-0 run that basically put the game on ice.

Actually, the Cavs cut the lead back down to 7 in the final two minutes, but for some reason, they refused to foul to extend the game, and they went down with a whimper.  You don’t often see a team so completely “throw in the towel” in an elimination game like that.  The ESPN Announcers said without hesitation that Cleveland totally QUIT, as the Cavs allowed Boston four Offensive Rebounds in the final 135 seconds. 

Not fouling is really on the Coach, but if LeBron were a true leader and stud like Kobe, Jordan or Magic, he wouldn’t have let his team crumble and die around him like that.  Of course, all but one of his teammates pretty much crumbled right from the opening tipoff.  Mo Williams scored 10 in the 1st Quarter to keep the Cavs close, and ended with 22, but had 5 of the team’s 22 costly Turnovers.  Antawn Jamison was especially bad, going 2-10 from the field.  Shaq played OKAY, scoring 11 Points, but he actually collected more FOULS (5) than Rebounds (4), and he was basically just not The Big Factor down the stretch that he would like to be.  At least now he can pull up a chair to his widescreen and watch Kobe compete in the NBA’s version of the Final Four.  Maybe he can invite LeBron over to watch a Laker game next week.  The question is, will they watch the whole game, or will they give up and turn it off with 90 seconds left and the game still in reach?

Don’t write in telling me how great LeBron is, and definitely don’t write in telling me how much better than Kobe he is.  I am in FULL AGREEMENT that LeBron is AWESOME, and that he has the best TOOLS of anyone in the game.  I am not a LeBron-hater.  I don’t like that he refused to shake hands after losing a particularly bitter game, but I don’t consider him an honorary trojan.  However, I don’t like the Kobe-haters who use LeBron to belittle Kobe, so, FOR ONCE, it doesn’t hurt that much for this Celtic-hater to see Boston advance… especially since the Celtics’ lone trojan, Brian Scalabrine, wasn’t even on their playoff Roster.  Hopefully, that will be the case again in the Series against the Magic (and UCLA’s Matt Barnes).    But back to LeBron — Until he consistently plays SOUND games under intense pressure — and earns a Ring — the LeBron Lovers will have to Passover the Kobe-bashing.



Guess what?  Even after getting officially busted and suspended by the NFL, ex-trojan Brian Cushing is still in full denial mode.  He swears that he has NO IDEA how he failed the drug test, and he insists that HE has NOT been injecting HIMSELF with any banned substance.  So that leaves only one question:  Who HAS been injecting him?

Cushing claims that the hCG that they found in him must have “occurred naturally” in his body.  Apparently, Cushing has done a little research at Ting U, because hCG actually CAN occur naturally… if you have TESTICULAR TUMORS.  Cushing claims to have been worried all season that he might have these potentially-lethal tumors.


However… According to a leading Medical expert in the field quoted by ESPN, this scenario is ridiculously improbable.  First of all, if Cushing had the tumors, all the negative test results that he got after the positive one would have been scientifically impossible.  Of course that doesn’t take into consideration the possibility of a masking agent being utilized, but if the hCG was occurring naturally without his knowledge and he wasn’t injecting it, then why would Cushing be trying to mask it?

But let’s assume, for the sake of his absurd denial, that the lab screwed up on all the negative tests.  If Cushing has the tumors, he would NOT be playing football, he would be getting treatment.  Cushing found out about the failed test in October, 2009.  Do you really think that he would suspect that he had deadly tumors on his scrotum, but NOT get it checked out?  And if he had them, and they were producing hCG, then he would have logged some major hospital time, which he hasn’t.  And if he DIDN’T have them, then we are back to the Steroid/hCG injection-combination.

So don’t listen to me, and don’t believe your own eyes (from the shockingly-blatant Cushing before-and-after pictures).  But try believing ESPN’s trusted technical advisor in this case.  Or, why not read Cushing’s own contradictory words of denial:  In his Press Conference, he started a paragraph by lamenting:  “I know I didn’t do anything…”  But in the very same paragraph, for some reason, he added the phrase:  “I know what I did.”

Guess what, Brian — So does everyone else.  And that’s why you lost your place on the NFL All-Pro 2nd Team.  And you probably would have lost your Rookie Award too, if not for a bunch of AP’ers voting for you again, as “Nullification,” to signal their dislike of the re-vote itself.  Also, you would have lost if Clay Matthews were just a little better, and thought to be clean.


Not all perfect physical specimens are chemically or artificially enhanced, and here are 10 “case-in-point” photos.

Why can’t trojans ADMIT IT when they are caught red-handed?  At least they admit that the UCLA Dance Team is superior to the song girls.

… and being superior to the song girls actually MEANS SOMETHING once again.

(Hey J.G. — Do you see yourself with your sign back there? You’re like VISA — You’re everywhere I want to be.)


B.L. was getting worried…

…but it’s okay… I’m gonna take care of you all year long.

I am even MORE dedicated, now that I know who you are (but it will remain a secret).

I held this photo back because I hate when beauty is obscured like that, but Nikki and a couple others look SO good, I had to post it.

… and speaking of Nikki, this shot doesn’t BEGIN to do her justice, and she still looks incredible.

Likewise, this is not my best shot of Katie ever, but I do love her smile here.

I have it on good authority that Brianna is NOT trying out for the Laker Girls, even though she would be their “Kobe.”

Last one for today –An adorable Cheer Squad Close-up, to close up.  Bye-Bye!  


3 responses to “KING JAMES BYE-BYE”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    What a great way to start a Friday. Love the pics T-H! I’m sure glad you’re on our side! Keep up the good work! GO BRUINS!

  2. Flu Game: Where Are You? Avatar
    Flu Game: Where Are You?

    In ksu-160tw.jpg, who is the lovely on the right? I don’t know the team well enough to tell by profile shots.

    As far as LeBron, I have read that he has not yet developed the talent to finish close games. It doesn’t surprise me that the Cavs are not advancing this year. As one commentator stated, LeBron needed a ‘flu game’ of his own to really prove his worth, but I guess his own malady was too much for him (the elbow).

    [T-H’s Note: The girl on the top right is Katie E.]

  3. Ash Avatar

    Who said the UCLA dance team was superior to the USC Song Girls?
    That’s not what YOU said in your post on “Swim with Mike”
    and last I checked the UCLA dance team isn’t “WORLD FAMOUS”

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

    [T-H’s Note: EVERYONE knows that UCLA’s Dance Team is still superior to the usc song girls. There is no comparison, and you can check ANY Pac-10 Cheerleader review on the Internet to verify that. Only Oregon is considered to be in UCLA’s class. During “Swim with Mike,” I said that the song girls are improving rapidly, and that the Bruin Dance Team needs to beware, but I NEVER said that the song girls had SURPASSED them. And the Bruin Dance Team is indeed “World Famous,” meaning that millions and millions of people around the globe are aware of the gorgeous girls of UCLA, and they see the Dance Team on television sometimes, and on the Net every day. Also, the Bruins have competed (and won) in National competitions, and have blown away audiences on foreign soil as well. And remember when Sports Illustrated did those features on several different Bruin Cheerleaders? Do you think SI, and, are never seen outside of the U.S.? Think again. And, Cheat On.]